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‘Tis The Season To Stay Sane

Above image: The year my husband was deployed, I wrapped gifts till 4:33 a.m. This was the final result, which I was so pleased about until I just realized as I looked at the picture, we didn’t put the angel on the tree. Oh well. And myself, with my favourite child, according to my children counting my profile pictures on Facebook, our dog Annabelle. Read more below.

When it comes to Christmas, I am all in! As soon as Nov. 12 arrives, my screen saver is Christmas, the Christmas playlist is on, Christmas Movies are streaming, and I deck our halls and whole house inside and out. 

However, it is very easy for me to get lost in the season. There is so much I would like to accomplish and only so much time to get it all done. For me, one day, it is Dec. 2, and the next, it is Jan. 9 of the new year, and the holidays are a distant memory. I am usually lamenting I could have done better, used my time wisely, saved money and finally, wished I had enjoyed the time with my family more. 

This year is exciting because our whole family will be together for Christmas. Over the last two years, someone has been deployed during the holiday season. Plus, with military postings and training, our whole family only gets together a few times a year. However, when we do, it is loud. Laughter, games, and arguments about which child is my favourite. 

On one occasion, my four children went as far as going through my profile pictures on Facebook, counting which child was featured the most. Well, my husband and dog Annabelle were. So I guess they are my favourite? 

My biggest failing over the holidays is waiting till Dec. 24 to wrap all the presents. The last time my husband was deployed, I was up till 5:10 a.m. wrapping, and I am not kidding. Although, I admit it was somewhat enjoyable. I streamed Christmas movies, and the time went quickly. However, I was tired on Christmas and needed a nap. 

To avoid those regrets and ensure I enjoy the holidays this year, I am incorporating our writer Megan’s 7 Strategies to Ensure You Enjoy the Holidays. So whether you are travelling and visiting family or staying home, these tips will keep you on track to make this year’s holidays memorable and positive. You can find the article here

One of the tips that will keep the January blues at bay is to create a budget. With that in mind, I recommend reading Gift-Giving Without Breaking Your Budget. Solid savings advice regarding gift giving to your children, family members and friends. I know for me, watching our bank account during the holidays is a struggle – ask my husband! However, this year I aim to make the most of the season with as few regrets as possible. So I am not participating in the most depressing day of the year – the day the credit card bills arrive in January. Check out the article here

In This Week’s Ezine

In the Canadian Armed Forces, there was an announcement regarding additions and amendments for medals (read here). Also, if you happen to be attending court, don’t miss the new dress and duty status during civilian court (read here). And the Department of National Defence announced an external monitor had been selected to ensure that the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) properly addresses issues of sexual misconduct and harassment within the Defence Team (read here). Plus, good news from the Royal Canadian Air Force, as their Non-Duty Travel Program has reopened (read here). 

For this week’s #SightSeeingSunday photo, we are back in Canada, and it is gorgeous! Winter would be a different story for me if I only loved being in the snow as much as I love pictures of it. View this week’s image here. And make sure to catch this week’s recipe. It is courtesy of military spouse, Andrea Nauta. Did you know she was a contestant on Season 3 of The Great Canadian Baking Show? You can find her recipe for Peppermint White Chocolate Holiday Swirl Cheesecake Bars here

And we have more!

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Pax tecum (peace be with you)




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