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We are military spouses, military brats, military members and retired members who have come together to create a product that fills a void. Canadian Military Family Magazine is a valuable resource for military families across the country.

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Canadian Military Family Magazine
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  1. Hello Canadian Military Family Magazine,
    I am reaching out to inquire about contributing to your magazine? I recently attended the CIMVHR Forum, where I had the opportunity to chat with a representative who recommended I inquire about occasionally writing! I am a first (almost second) year graduate student at the University of Ottawa, studying experiential learning and teachable moments in high performance sport. I completed my undergraduate degree in human kinetics and currently work as a personal trainer & strength-conditioning coach, with clients ranging from general population through to elite athletes. I come from a very strong military background (grandfather, father, both my brothers), and spent the majority of my childhood moving base to base across Canada.
    As such, the Canadian Forces has played a huge role in shaping who I am and is an organization with a special place in my heart. Upon completing graduate school, my career plans are to either enlist as a training development officer or to pursue a career in the human performance sector of defense research.
    I figured reaching out would be the best place to begin! Thank you for creating a product that is specific to the unique challenges of military life, and for supporting the people who give everything.
    Nicole Wray

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