No Life Like It

No Life Like It: Mistakes, Typos and the Roads We Travel

Above image: Hanging out with some pretty awesome women. At the 2018 Women in Defence annual Memorial Scholarship Breakfast Ceremony in Ottawa. Left to right, LCol. (ret’d) Maryse Carmichael, Katherine Spencer-Ross, myself, Karen McCrimmon, former Member of Parliament Kanata-Carleton, Wendy Sewell, assistant defence attaché Netherlands Embassy, Jana Lee, then Women in Defence and Security president.

Oops, I almost did it again! As I quickly reviewed Chief of the Defence Staff Updates COVID-19 Vaccinations Requirement article, I noticed the word Chief, which I had spelled wrong – again. The last time that happened was December 2021, and a lot of people expressed their anger and frustration. I received at least 10 emails minutes after I had sent it. 

I felt horrible. Like a failure. And ready to quit. Unsure of what to do, I corrected the spelling mistake quickly and resent the E-Zine. I received a few thank you emails. I don’t know why I am an “e” before an “i” person, and I apologize if I do it again and don’t catch it. By no means do I intend to be disrespectful to General Eyre. 

On the note of spelling, I have never been a great speller. When I was young and had dreams of what I would be when I grew up – a journalist or writer was not on the list, nor was an editor or publisher and, for that matter, doing graphic design. However, being a military spouse has taken me on roads I would have never thought to travel. 

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And when it comes to travelling, this week’s #SightSeeingSunday is a place I would love to visit. If you have watched Frozen, and seriously if you are a parent or grandparent, you must have, the quaint village of Hallstatt, Austria, may look familiar as it inspired Arendelle, Elsa, and sister Anna’s home. 

I can promise you the 10 shows or movies we picked to watch this weekend with your family does not include Frozen. All our choices are Halloween-themed and family-friendly. However, I would like to note some are a little spooky and may not be suited for young kids.

And as Halloween approaches and October comes to a close, so does Canadian Women’s History Month. When I first read about the month, I was puzzled. As women, we already have International Women’s Day in March and Gender Equality Week in September. So how is it we need a whole month? However, while editing our Women’s History Month article Remembering the Famous Five During Women’s History MonthI was reminded of why. The month was chosen because of the date, October 18, 1928. On this day, women in Canada were acknowledged as “persons.” We weren’t before that day, and we have the Famous Five to thank. 

When it comes to thanking, I am sure you will be thanking Registered Holistic Nutritionist and our columnist, Skylar Nesbitt, as she shares 3 Simple Habits to Improve Your Health. I want to note they are very simple. Regarding health and wellness, if you live on the East Coast, the new Atlantic Centre for Trauma opened its doors this month. The centre is exclusively for CAF members, Veterans, and first responders struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, mood disorders, substance use disorders, and chronic pain.

Also, this week the Canadian Armed Forces announced its annual Christmas flight program, and the Minister of Defence announced more aid for UkraineThis issue also has our recipe of the week, Roasted Tomato Soup,  and much more! 

Until next time,

Cyndi Mills

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Admittedly the Queen of Typos, Cyndi Mills strives for none, but one or two always seems to slip in. She apologizes! Over the last 29 years Cyndi has had the opportunity to move around the country with her husband, Scott and their four children. Having lived in Chilliwack, Edmonton, London, and Petawawa. She stumbled into the world of journalism by accident – looking for a career that could give her the flexibility to work from home to be with her children and support her husband's military career. Cyndi is also a military parent as her two oldest children are in the military. Raising her third and fourth teenagers, she tries to keep sane by walking, gardening, writing, and spending time with her family while running Canadian Military Family Magazine.

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