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A Potty Adventure

Well, my nearly 6 year old son is hooked. He is enthralled by the ridiculous adventures of Captain Underpants, and his many adventures with the likes of Prof. Poopypants, Dr. Diaper, and vengeful attacking toilets. The books in this series never fail to elicit giggles from my son. We are no longer able to pass a bookstore without him begging to go in and look for a new Captain Underpants. It’s also almost impossible to say no – I have a strong desire to encourage a love of reading in my children, thus making it difficult to say no when they ask so eagerly for a new book.

The adventures start with The Adventures of Captain Underpants, where fourth graders George and Harold, between playing practical jokes, create their own comic books. They also manage to create a new superhero – Captain Underpants. The latest adventure in the series, Captain Underpants and the Tyrannical Retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000, has said toilet striking back to get its revenge on George and Harold.

Full of potty humour, and comical illustrations, this series is sure to get the attention – and many laughs – of it’s reader. So, if you have a little person in your life who loves potty humour, underwear being hurled at bad guys, and diaper-wearing villains, then these are the perfect books.

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Deborah van der Linde

Deborah is a librarian who is passionate about books, storytelling, and writing. Thanks to her husband Adam’s military career, they have had the great fortune of living all across Canada. Deborah and Adam have two delightful children and a dog that thinks he’s one of the kids.
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