Acting Chief of the Defence Staff announces 2021 senior appointments and key positions of Chief Petty Officers 1st Class (CPO1)/Chief Warrant Officers (CWO)

Recently, Lieutenant-General Wayne Eyre, acting Chief of the Defence Staff, announced the amendment to the 2021 senior appointments and key positions of Chief Petty Officers 1st Class (CPO1)/Chief Warrant Officers (CWO) that will occur this year.

On June 18, 2021, in a CANFORGEN, Eyre thanked those who are retiring for their service to Canada and offered his “heartfelt congratulations and sincerest best wishes to those taking on new appointments and new responsibilities.”

Included in this list, this past April, CWO R. McCann was appointed Chief of Professional Conduct and Culture Command CWO, in Ottawa. This position was designed to combat sexual harassment and misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces and Department of National Defence organizations.

The rest of the appointments, key positions, and retirements are as follows:

The following CPO1 and CWO are appointed to a Post Tactical Leadership Team (PTLT) in 2021:

    • CPO1 D.L. Campbell will be appointed Canadian Forces College Chief Petty Officer, in Toronto, replacing CWO J.G.M. Angel.
    • CWO M. Grondin will be appointed Formation Sergeant Major of the Combat Training Centre, in Gagetown, replacing CWO J.R.D. Lapointe.
    • CPO1 T.W. Jones will be appointed Canadian Forces Base Borden Chief Petty Officer, in Borden, replacing CPO1 D.L. Campbell.
    • CWO W.L. King will be appointed Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre Non-Commissioned Member Professional Development CWO, in Kingston, replacing CWO J.S. Daigle.
    • CWO J.G.S. Marshall will be appointed Canadian Cyberspace Division / Director General Information Management Operations CWO, in Ottawa.

The following CPO1 and CWO are also appointed to Tactical Post Unit Leadership Teams (TPULT) in 2021:

    • CWO E.R. Green will be appointed Directorate History and Heritage CWO, in Ottawa, replacing CWO M.L.M Guay.
    • CWO J.G.B. Laliberte will be appointed Assistant Judge Advocate General CWO Borden region, in Borden, replacing CWO J.G.S. Marshall.
    • CWO S.L. Lamothe will be appointed Canadian Health Services Group Headquarters Medical Branch CWO, in Ottawa, replacing CWO M.L.L. Alain.
    • CWO A.J.G. Levesque was appointed Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Real Property Operations Group Headquarters CWO, in Ottawa.
    • CWO P.D.J. Marceau will be appointed Director General Aerospace Equipment Program Management, in Ottawa, replacing CWO R.R. Coltart.
    • CWO L.H. Plante will be appointed 1 Health Services Group Headquarters CWO, in Edmonton, replacing CWO J.J.J. Berube.
    • CWO J.G.D. Racette will be appointed Director General Land Equipment Program Management Division CWO, in Gatineau, replacing CWO M.D. Stein.
    • CWO M.J. Walters will be appointed 4 Health Services Group Headquarters CWO, in Montreal, replacing CWO M. Bedard.
    • “As these CPO1 and CWO move on to a new senior appointment or key positions, I thank them for a job well done,” Eyre wrote.

After distinguished service to Canada and the CAF, the following senior appointment and key position CPO1 and CWO have or will retire in 2021:

    • CWO R.J. Beaudry
    • CWO J.J.J. Berube
    • CWO M.P Bizier
    • CWO D. W. Coxall
    • CWO J.M.S. Cartier
    • CWO S.M.P Desjardin
    • CWO G.J. Kato
    • CWO R. Kiens
    • CWO T.R.S.J. Garand
    • CWO J.S.P. Godin
    • CWO M.L.M Guay
    • CWO J.S.A. Marcil
    • CWO C.H. Middleton
    • CWO R.P. Parker
    • CWO J.G.D. Pelletier
    • CWO J.N.E. Saint-Pierre
    • CWO G. Simpkin
    • CWO M.D. Stein

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