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Acting Commander Canadian Army Major General Derek Macaulay announces Reserve Unit COs and RSMs

The Canadian Army Reserve Unit Commanding Officer (CO) and Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) appointments for the 2021 active posting season were recently announced.

On March 20, 2021, Major General (MGen) Derek Macaulay, Acting Commander Canadian Army, congratulated those appointed.

The following reserve members have been appointed under the authority of their respective Canadian Army Division Commanders.

On March 20, 2021, Major General Derek. Macaulay, Acting Commander Canadian Army, congratulated those appointed.

CO Appointments APS 2021


    1. PEIR, CO, Maj J-P. Pendergast (On Promotion)
    2.  West NS Regt, CO, Maj M.A. Bobbitt (On Promotion)
    3. 3 FD Regt, CO, LCol R.M. Saunders
    4. 37 Sig Regt, CO, LCol J.J. Nelson
    5. RNB Regt, CO, Maj S.E. Penney (On Promotion)
    6. Tac Grp 1 And 2 R Nfld R, CO, LCol K.M. Strong
    7. NS NB R, CO, LCol M. Flint
    8. 5 CRPG, CO, Maj F.J. Cross (On Promotion)


    1. RCH, CO, LCol M.W.S. Day
    2. 2 FD Regt, CO, Maj A. Tremblay-Michaud (On Promotion)
    3. 4 R22eR, CO, Maj C.A. Chaktoura (On Promotion)
    4. Fus MR, CO, Maj J.G.D. Pilon (On Promotion)
    5. Sher H, CO, LCol J.A.P. Langlais
    6. Voltigeurs, CO, Maj J.A.B. Pettigrew (On Promotion)
    7. R de Chaud, CO, LCol J.R.B. Bergeron


    1. 1 H, CO, Maj C.A. Vandenberg (On Promotion)
    2. 31 CER, CO, Maj S.R. Burke (On Promotion)
    3. 31 Svc Bn, CO, LCol J.E.S. Briand
    4. RHFC, CO, Maj S.C. Dumbreck (On Promotion)
    5. Windsor R, CO, LCol A.S. Finney
    6. 48 Highrs, CO, Maj J.A. Morische (On Promotion)
    7. 56 FD Regt, CO, Maj P.J.E. Pitt (On Promotion)
    8. 7 Tor Regt, CO, Maj J.W. Dean (On Promotion)
    9. R Regt C, CO, Maj P. Martinis (On Promotion)
    10. 2 Int Coy, CO, Capt J.F. Curry (On Promotion)
    11. 33 Sig Regt, CO, Maj J.J.R. Miranda (On Promotion)


    1. C Scot R, CO, Maj D.J. Proctor (On Promotion)
    2. R Westmr R, CO, Maj G.T. Chan (On Promotion)
    3. Seaforth Of C, CO, LCol K.A.T. Wickens
    4. 20 FD Regt, CO, Maj M.J. Waldner (On Promotion)
    5. Calg Highrs, CO, Maj A.P. Beauchamp (On Promotion)

RSM Appointments APS 2021


    1. PEIR, RSM, MWO K. Trace (On Promotion)
    2. 1 FD Regt, RSM, MWO D.A. Colbourne (On Promotion)
    3. 36 Sig Regt, RSM, MWO J.K. Mcneil (On Promotion)
    4. PLF, RSM, MWO C.K. Saunders (On Promotion)
    5. 37 Sig Regt, RSM, MWO C.V. Deacy (On Promotion)
    6. R NB Regt, RSM, MWO L.M. Dalton (On Promotion)
    7. 1 R NFLD R, RSM, MWO K.S. Wade
    8. CCSB IA TF, RSM, MWO L.K. Fugere (On Promotion)


    1. Sher H, RSM, MWO J.R. Dohler (On Promotion)


    1. 11 FD Regt, RSM, MWO R.E. Kenny (On Promotion)
    2. Ek Scot, RSM, MWO J.J.S. Clark (On Promotion)
    3. Grey Sim For, RSM, MWO D.V. Hood (On Promotion)
    4. 32 Sig Regt, RSM, MWO R.D. Santos (On Promotion)
    5. 7 Tor Regt, RSM, MWO M.I. Bechmanis (On Promotion)
    6. Lorne Scots, RSM, MWO A.W. Crawford (On Promotion)
    7. Qy Rang, RSM, MWO M.G. French (On Promotion)
    8. Sdg Highrs, RSM, MWO J.P.J.F. Lessard (On Promotion)
    9. GGFG, RSM, MWO G.L. Witol (On Promotion)
    10. Hast Per, RSM, MWO R.P. Mcneil (On Promotion)
    11. 3 CRPG, RSM, MWO J.T. Currier (On Promotion)


    1. 38 CER, RSM, MWO D.A. Nuessler (On Promotion)
    2. 38 Sig Regt, RSM, CWO R.K. Henry
    3.  N Sask R, RSM, MWO J.D. Balcaen
    4. Camerons Of C, RSM, CWO J.H.F. Dawson
    5. R Wpg Rif, RSM, CWO J.D.P. Alo
    6. Sask D, RSM, WO E.R. Tryhorn
    7. 39 Sig Regt, RSM, MWO W. Zhang (On Promotion)
    8. Bcr, RSM, MWO A. Matibag (On Promotion)
    9. R Westmr R, RSM, MWO C.B. Hennebery (On Promotion)

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