Amendments for Canadian Army CO and RSM appointments

The Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre, announced several notable appointments for the Canadian Army in a recent CANFORGEN.

REF: CANFORGEN 191/21 C ARMY 013/21 100801Z DEC 21

The commanding officer amended appointments for the active posting season 22 are as follows:

LCol. M.R.T. Johnson as CMDT in 4 Canadian Division Training Centre
LCol. K.P.J. Udesen as Commanding Officer of 1 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group.
LCol. F.C.J. Conliffe as Commanding Officer of Canadian Army Headquarters.
Maj. A.A. Raju, Commanding Officer Cateau.

The regimental sergeant major (RSM) amended appointments for active posting season 22 are as follows:

MWO P.A Lemieux as RSM at 1 RCR
MWO F.W. Cross as RSM at 4 ESR
MWO M.J. Crichton as RSM at 5 Canadian Division Training Centre
MWO J.E. Pope as RSM at Canadian Army Intelligence Regiment
MWO J.E. Leck as RSM at 5 CDSB Op Services
CWO P.D. Carpenter as RSM at 4 CDSB Personnel Services
MWO C.L. Schoepp as RSM at 3 CDSB Ops Services
CWO J.F.P. Paquette as RSM at CFB Suffield
CWO J.R. Peters as RSM at RCEME School
CWO S.A. Jobin as RSM at Canadian Forces School of Communication and Electronics
CWO W.S. Singer as RSM at Peace Support Training Centre

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