Organizing & Preparing for Your Move

With posting season upon us, many military families are getting ready to pack up their lives and take on adventure, have an even longer than usual ‘to-do’ list, and stress about a lot of thinigs you have no control over. I tackle this by taking control of the things I do have some say or control over.

May is a great month to spring clean and get a ton done before the movers even come to assess your home. The important thing is that you pace yourself and have a realistic schedule for sorting house and your lives.

The most important thing, during this busy and stressful time, is to take care of yourself. Make yourself a priority, do something selfish and self-serving for yourself each week and model the importance of self care for your family.

Don’t look at moving as a sprint because it is a marathon. When you pace yourself and take care of your needs as well as your own, you will be better able to manage your move and support your family too.

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Megan Egerton

Megan Egerton is a military wife, mother of two, principal and writer. Author of While You Were Away:101 Tips for Families Experiencing Absence or Deployment

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