10 Helpful Hints to Prepare for Incoming!

It’s posting season again and selling your home can be stressful. Sellers often receive limited notice before potential buyers want to walk through their home. Here are some helpful hints to help sellers present their home to potential buyers in a flash.

First things first – put together your Show Day Bucket (SDB)!

Kick the Bucket

Start by putting together a showing day bucket (SDB). Include multi-purpose wipes, Swiffer pads, garbage bags, magic eraser, paper towel, and deodorizer. Keep your bucket in a handy place and refill any products that run out so you’ll be ready for last-minute showing requests.

Bed Making Made Easy

All the beds in the home should be made when the home is being shown. While selling, consider limiting the number of blankets and pillows on the bed. If kids are old enough to help make the beds, but not able to do a proper job, consider swapping the top sheet and blankets for a duvet and cover, or just a comforter. Easy to pull up, straighten and walk out the door.

Brighten Up

Make rooms look larger by opening curtains, blinds and turning on all the lights. Take a minute to wipe smudges on mirrors and glass before leaving. Use multi-purpose wipes from your SDB to catch last-minute crumbs on counters and toothpaste on vanities.

Have magic eraser on hand to give marks on the walls a quick wipe.

Quick Wipe Wall Scuffs

Magic Erasers really are magic when it comes to stubborn scuffs and crayon marks on walls. Use the one in your SDB for last-minute emergencies caused by kids and pets.

Scented Bags

Garbage cans need to be empty, and they need to smell good. Kill two birds with one stone and buy scented kitchen bags at your local dollar store. On the way out the door grab the bathroom and kitchen bags, tie them and throw them in an outdoor trash can. Keep the bags in your SDB so you always know where to find them.

When preparing for a showing – focus your efforts on the entry and living room.

Suck It Up

Give carpets and rugs a quick once over to fluff them up. Focus your efforts on the entry and living room.

The Nose Knows

Covering up odours is commonplace when showing your home. But remember to stick to one scent. Pine, vanilla and orange pomegranate mixed together is a definite no-no. Stick one favourite light-smelling deodorizer in your SDB and save potential buyers a headache.

Sweep Swiftly

Swiffer style mops with disposable pads make last-minute floor wipe-ups a breeze. Start at the furthest point of the house and work your way to the entryway. Peel off the pad, throw it in the garbage bag you kept in your laundry basket.

Have an empty laundry basket with a garbage bag on hand to to pick up everything off the floors, counter surfaces and put wipes in as you leave the house.

Laundry Basket Magic

Work backwards from the furthest bedroom to the entryway picking up everything up off the floors and counter surfaces. Simply throw it all in your laundry basket as you go. Make sure you keep a garbage bag in the basket for the Swiffer pad and multi-purpose wipes you’ll be tossing in there in the way out the door. Then take the basket and put it in your vehicle while you wait for the showing to happen.

Washer, Dryer, Oven, Dishwasher Hide ‘n’ Seek

These appliances are like big empty caves ready to hide dirty laundry and dishes in. Even counter clutter can be stored temporarily in the oven for an unexpected showing. The Need to Feed

Make sure you have room and snacks in the car as you make the mad dash out of your house.

Murphy’s Law, showings will take place when the kids are starving. Taking kids out to eat gets pricey. Pack snacks like granola bars, juice boxes, and trail-mix in a container by the door. Grab it on your way out to your vehicle for those inconvenient showing times.

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