Voluntary Occupation Transfer Campaign is Now Open

The 2021/2022 voluntary occupation transfer campaign for untrained Regular Force (Reg F) Officers and Non-Commissioned (NCMs) (VOT-U) is now open.

No later than September 10, 2021, the local Personnel Selection Officer (PSO) office needs to receive all complete application files for 00182 Air Combat Systems Officer, 00183 Pilot, and 00184 Aerospace Control Operator.

For all other officer occupations and NCM occupations, the closing date is October 29, 2021.

Until January 21, 2022, for potential transfer under the 21/22 competition, “PSO offices are authorized to promulgate earlier local application deadlines for the receipt of complete application files to enable processing in accordance with national closing dates. Files submitted after the required deadline without prior approval will be considered for the next board or the next campaign (as applicable),” stated a CANFORGEN dated June 21, 2021.

As stated in the CANFORGEN, all files must be fully processed and submitted to Director Military Careers Policy and Grievances (DMCPG) 5 by the PSO in order to be considered for selection:

(1) June 28, 2021
(2) September 17, 2021
(3) February 18, 2022

Officer VOT-U: November 30, 2021

Open Occupations

Members can access a list of jobs through the in-service selection intranet webpage. This list can change, and open occupations can be cancelled without prior notice based on service requirements or will be closed once all vacancies are filled
general eligibility.

The CANFROGEN informed that all applicants must meet the following requirements by the applicable closing date:

      • Have achieved Basic Military Qualifications/Basic Military Officer Qualifications
      • Have not reached operationally functional point (OFP) in their current occupation
      • Meet all OFP criteria for the applicable job
      • Meet the target Military Occupational Structure Identification Code (MOSID) entry standards
      • Hold a valid medical category and meet minimum Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) medical for the desired occupation.
      • As amplified at Personnel Selection Directive 302, Occupation Transfer (restricted access), a member who has been assigned a temporary medical category (TCAT) is not eligible unless the TCAT is due to pregnancy
      • Hold a valid force test.
      • Not be under a remedial measure, including a monitoring period.
      • For monitoring periods expiring before the closing date, the unit must send the correspondence summarizing its conclusion to the local PSO
      • Member on initial counselling (IC) may exceptionally be considered, but local PSO must submit such case to DMCPG 5 for authorization
      • Have sufficient time remaining to retirement age to be able to complete the length of the variable initial engagement (VIE) of the new occupation as specified at annex A (appendix 1) of the Canadian Forces Military Personnel Instruction 05/05, terms of service.

According to the CANFORGEN, due to the impacts of the global pandemic, expired medical category and force test will be valid for the purpose of eligibility until an offer is potentially issued. Then, as soon as they can, members are expected to book an appointment.

The CANFORGEN further noted, “Members on a TCAT that will expire no later than the closing date of the target program, or who are awaiting removal of their TCAT may apply, but their TCAT will have to be lifted before receiving an offer. Otherwise, the candidate will be deemed ineligible.”

Additional Eligibility Criteria

Officers undergoing subsidized university education, including the Royal Military Colleges, must, in accordance with direction regarding voluntary occupational transfer for untrained members, Commander Military Personnel Generation, dated December 11, 2015:

Be in Good Academic Standing

Be registered in a degree program according to the occupation entry standards for the target occupation or be able to transfer to a degree program without requiring any extension to their period of subsidization and meets the target occupation entry standard.

The CANFORGEN explained that applicants have to stay eligible and suitable during the selection and the offer processes and until the expected transfer date. Therefore, any files from eligible candidates who are not recommended by the Commanding Officer need to be sent to the PSO office.


“Waiver requests will be considered only in exceptional circumstances where relevant compensating factors are identified and confirmed by the PSO even though compensating factors are identified, a waiver request can still be denied by the approving authority,” the CANFORGEN stated.

As early as possible, applicants requesting terms of service or medical admin waivers must submit their files since they take additional time to process.

Additional Assessments & Timelines

Some target occupations require additional medical screening, fitness or aptitude/knowledge testing, and/or an occupation-specific assessment phase. In addition, the minimal standards and/or cut-off scores need to be met to be eligible. If applicable, applicants need to be able to travel and make necessary arrangements as required.

The local PSO office will nominate all applicants for consideration through the Canadian Forces Military Police Group Headquarters J7 Selection Coordinator as soon as possible once processing is completed and no later than 30 days prior to the applicable DMCPG 5 closing date.

The Canadian Forces Aircrew Selection Test (CFAST), conducted in Trenton, will be booked by the local PSO Office through the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group Headquarters/Aerospace Systems Course coordinator as soon as possible and no later than October 8, 2021.

(1) No CFAST will be conducted after November 18, 2021. Applicants to 00183 Pilot to be booked in priority
(2) DMCPG 5 will identify the most competitive 00183 Pilot candidates on the closing date.

“Only those pre-identified candidates will be booked as soon as possible by the local PSO Office via the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group Headquarters/ Aerospace Systems Course coordinator for subsequent medical screening at Canadian Forces Environmental Medicine Establishment (CFEME) in Toronto before selection boards
required application documents,” the CANFORGEN informed. The list of required documents can be found on the In-Service Selection Intranet webpage.

Testing and interview procedures will be adjusted as required as a result of COVID-19. Members will be informed by their local PSO on how these processes will be conducted.


All files will be evaluated, and DMCPG 5 is going to select the most competitive candidates based on available sip vacancies. Of course, an applicant’s preference will be considered whenever possible in this process.

The final selection of members who are currently in a MOSID with critical personnel requirements is subject to approval from the losing occupation authority. Selection boards are going to be done for officer VOT-U and NCM VOT-U after each specified closing date.

The CANFORGEN stated that files of non-selected NCM candidates will remain active for subsequent boards for up to a year from the date of interview if vacancies are still available and as long as the member has not reached OFP.

For more information refer to CANFORGEN 082/21 CMP 047/21 021019Z JUN 21.

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