Treasury Board of Canada approves several Compensation and Benefits initiatives

On Jan. 10, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) announced that the Treasury Board of Canada (TB) had approved several updates to Compensation and Benefit Instructions (CBI), CAF Relocation Directive (CAFRD), and Canadian Forces Temporary Duty Travel Instruction (CFTDTI).

These updates will improve clarity and alignment with similar government of Canada policies for the most part. However, the CANFORGEN announcement did note that some updates affect benefit amounts.

The CANFORGEN specifically mentioned the update to the table to CBI 208.997, Separation Expense (SE), in which new interim maximum monthly lodging rates have been approved for nine locations.

These interim rates started on Dec. 1, 2021, and will continue until further notice.

Location & New Amounts Allotted

The following are the locations affected and the new amount allotted:

    • Comox: $1,400
    • Halifax: $1,600
    • Montreal: $1,600
    • Ottawa: $1,700
    • Trenton: $1,500
    • Vancouver: $1,800
    • Victoria: $1,800
    • Wainwright: $1,350
    • Winnipeg: $1,350

Most other updates come into effect on March 1, 2022.

Benefit Changes

These include some benefit changes, such as:

    • CBI 10.18.03 (Leased Automobiles): addition of expenses related to early termination of lease.
    • CBI 10.23 (Compassionate Travel): addition of expenses to obtain a physicians’ note.
    • CBI 209.50 (Leave Travel Assistance (LTA)) and CBI 209.51 (Compassionate Travel Assistance (CTA)): entitlement extended to any Reserve Force member on Class C Service for 60 days or more.
    • CBI 209.52 (Transportation on special leave): all travel will be in accordance with the CFTDTI

“Updated benefit policies will be posted to the CBI, CAFRD and CFTDTI internet pages. All personnel are reminded that the official version is the pdf version,” the CANFORGEN informed.

Queries with regard to benefits can be sent here.

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