Pregnant and Nursing CAF Personnel can receive funding assistance for maternity t-shirts

Women who are pregnant or nursing can now receive funding assistance to purchase maternity t-shirts and nursing t-shirts, according to a CANFORGEN released on Nov. 19, 2021.

“This CANFORGEN, in response to the recent efforts to ensure that the needs of pregnant and lactating members are accommodated, is part of CAF efforts towards a working environment of mutual respect, dignity and inclusion,” the CANFORGEN states.

Any expecting Regular and Reserve Force members will get maternity t-shirt funding assistance. The funding assistance is to be provided to each entitled member (those who have completed basic training) twice during their pregnancy: once upon submission of the DND2268 and once more within ten months.

Funding assistance for the maternity t-shirt won’t exceed $125 each time, for a total of $250 for their pregnancy.

The CANFORGEN also states that all entitled Regular and Reserve Force members who have returned to work and are still nursing will be given nursing t-shirt funding assistance. The funding assistance won’t exceed $165 within a fiscal year.

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Selection of maternity or nursing t-shirt

“Notwithstanding the desire to accommodate personal suitability, the maternity or nursing t-shirt selection must conform to dress regulations. Hence, the maternity or nursing t-shirts must be in the environmental colours or in black, neutral, or white.

“There will be no physical inspection of the maternity or nursing t-shirts being reimbursed as members are expected to follow the above directions when requesting funding assistance,” the CANFORGEN explains.

Reimbursement mechanism

CAF members need to submit their request for reimbursement via CF 52, general allowance claim, and their original proof of purchase to their unit orderly room to start the reimbursement process.

Receipts and supporting documentation must be dated within the same fiscal year as the submitted claim. Supporting documentation must identify the cost of the maternity or nursing t-shirts being claimed.

For audit purposes, units will need to keep a list of all members that have claimed funding assistance entitlements (itemized by name and service number).

Units will also be required to keep all claims, receipts, and supporting documentation in accordance with FAM 1016-10, Managing Expense Claims.

Reimbursement of authorized claims will be centrally funded. Any questions on financial requirements and clarification on the policy will be directed to DSSPM clothing support office.

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