No Life Like It

The beginning of one era and end of another

I have been sucked in to the tube for the last month for two reasons. First, the Royal Wedding, I am a royal watcher and have been for most of my life. I was one of the billion people who woke up at 3am on April 30th. With my oldest daughter beside me in bed, we ate homemade scones, drank tea and watched the Royal wedding. All the while my husband tried to sleep – love you honey!

And secondly, if you happen to miss it this year, it was the final season of the Oprah Show. I have been a committed viewer this year and rarely did I miss an episode. Some days, due to time shifting I would watch the same episode a few times, only if the guest left an impression on me. One of those guests was David Arquette and his sisters, Rosanna and Patricia. They talked about David’s alcoholism.

During the show he shared the quote “Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” That quote resonated with me. When I am angry at anyone: my children, my spouse, my friends, the slow driver in front of me, the slow cashier, my neighbours, the only person I am hurting is myself. I am drinking the poison by getting myself all worked up, believing somehow I am hurting the other person. Even as I write this – it puts anger in perspective for me.

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Cyndi Mills

Over the last 24 years Cyndi Mills has had the opportunity to move around the country with her husband, Scott and their four children. Having lived in Chilliwack, Edmonton, London and Petawawa. She stumbled into the world of journalism by accident – looking for a career that could give her the flexibility to work from home to be with her children and support her husband's military career. Cyndi is also a military parent as her two oldest children are in the military.