Canadian Special Operations Forces Command offering Various Employment Opportunities

Above image: Canadian Army soldiers participate in Exercise COMMON GROUND II 2016 at 5th Canadian Division Support Group Gagetown, November 15, 2016. Photo: Corporal Genevieve Lapointe, Tactics School, 5th Canadian Division Support Group Gagetown. 

Supporter, specialist and linguist employment opportunities for the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) are now open for the 2022 active posting season.

“CANSOFCOM is a high readiness organization that is ready to deploy on very short notice,” CANFORGEN 138/21 highlighted.

They often look for highly skilled and motivated Regular force (Reg F) and Primary Reserve (PRES) supporters, specialists and linguists from different occupations.

Support personnel are selected to be posted to units within CANSOFCOM and employed in their current Military Occupational Structure Identification Code (MOSID).

Specialists are posted to units within CANSOFCOM and may receive specialty training outside their MOSID to deploy these skills in an operational environment.

Linguist specifics

Linguists are attached posted to CANSOFCOM for three to six months to support worldwide Special Operations Forces operations with their specific language skills. Members will still belong to their MOSID and their home unit. Full-time positions can be offered only after initial employment.

Employment Offers Task-Tailored

“Linguist employment offers will be task-tailored to support Special Operations Forces operation requirements. Therefore, candidates must have attained an operationally functional point in their current occupation and be able to DAG green for deployment,” the CANFORGEN informed. Operationally functional is defined as “the point where a member is no longer part of the training system and can be posted to a trained effective strength position (usually DP1 or QL3 qualified),” it also noted.

Current CANSOFCOM language needs include:

Taureg (Tawellemet)
Tebu (Teda, Daza)


Anyone interested can initiate the screening process at any time by submitting a notice of intent. However, only one active notice of intent can be submitted at a time.

For Intelligence Branch members, the deadline to submit a notice of intent for supporter roles is Dec. 1, 2021, for the 2022 active posting season.

PRES members must follow these steps for supporter and specialist positions:

Consult the employment opportunities available on the CANSOFCOM supporter and specialist employment opportunities list.
Submit the notice of intent.
Apply for the position following the Reserve Employment Opportunities application process.

Meet Criteria

Supporter and specialist positions are open to people who meet these criteria:

Meet the minimum medical category of their current occupation.
Have a current annual force evaluation.
Have attained the minimal qualification level for the position.

According to the CANFORGEN, if a position is available, completed notice of intent from Reg F members are sent to the member’s career manager for support.

“If support is granted, the member receives a screening message with instructions to complete the application package,” it stated.

Anyone having trouble completing requirements is advised to contact the specific recruiting and selection cell for guidance.

Screening and next steps

During the next screening phase, members are assessed on a variety of criteria which may include:
Job interviews.
Psychological tests.
Psychological interview.
Written or practical tests.

Any training required is position-specific and may include the following:
Special operations common environmental training.
Advanced occupation training.
Other special operations training.

Be In Good Physical Condition

The CANFOGRN further informed, “Some specific positions need specialized training which may require additional physical testing. Therefore, members should be prepared and in a good physical condition.”

By contacting unit recruiting cells, members can find more information about these requirements.

Members must maintain operational security throughout the application and selection process. Applicants shouldn’t discuss their applications outside of their Chain of Command, with their partner, close family members, or social media.

Contact information

For further information on opportunities within CANSOFCOM, visit the CANDOFCOM DWAN site here. http://intranet.mil.ca/en/personnel/mil/cansofcom-join-how-to-apply.page

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