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Still Serving: Jody Mitic Soldier to Politician

Jody Mitic may have retired from the Canadian Armed Forces but he is still serving his country. On October 27, 2014 the constituents of the Innes Ward in Ottawa elected him to serve their community for the next four years.

With more than one front runner and nine possible candidates, the former military sniper took the Innes Ward race with more than 33 per cent of the vote. Mitic fills the city council seat vacated by retiring council member Rainer Bloess.

Midic prides himself on long-term thinking. His platform included six objectives, to redevelop the Blackburn Arena into the Innes Community Hub with a fully accessible ice rink, to connect the Brian Coburn Extension to Anderson Road, opening a new East-West corridor, and to slow down traffic on residential roads in the riding.

“The environmental health of the east-end is important to me too. I intend to make green bins a point of civic pride and fix up our parks. I also want to start the Innes Ward Community Council. We can do this if we work together,” said Mitic.

A first generation Canadian Mitic joined the military to solidify his commitment to his new country. It turned out that he loved soldiering. After retirement he discovered politics was just another way to serve. He enjoyed the idea of representing his family, and his community in a public forum.

Getting in touch with the needs of the community he represents came easily to Mitic. After participating in the Amazing Race Canada with his brother Cory in 2013 Mitic is used to being in the spotlight and speaking to diverse groups.

Mitic credits his successful campaign to hardworking volunteers and his partner Alannah who took care of the household, their two girls, and the dogs while he spent hours knocking on doors, getting to know the needs of his community.

At his post election celebration with his team Mitic shared his experience of stepping on a landmine while he was deployed to Afghanistan where he lost both of his legs, “If it wasn’t for that bomb in Afghanistan I wouldn’t have my kids, I wouldn’t have Alannah and it if wasn’t for them I would not be councillor-elect today.”

Mitic offers encouragement to other veterans searching for a new career.

“I would really like to see more veterans involved in politics. We’re spread out all over the country. We have opinions and experience and we can make a difference. We have already served and politics is another opportunity to continue that service in a different capacity.”

Originally from Kitchener, Ontario Mitic experienced a double leg amputation seven years ago. In 2011 he established the Never Quit Foundation to raise awareness for adaptive living and take Canadian heroes injured in the line of duty to special events.

For more information please visit or follow Jody on Twitter at @JODYMITIC.

By: Vicki L. Morrison

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