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Years ago when I first came up with the concept of the magazine the goal was simple, create a resource for military families where they could find information that pertained to them and their lives. Fast forward to the last few days. I am not sure if it is because the election has gone on for almost 10 weeks and we are in the final stretch, with just over a week left, or people are worn out and battle fatigued, but we are getting a lot of feedback regarding our election articles.

Since our initial website was launched in 2009, I don’t believe we have ever had as much feedback or accusations regarding any of the articles we have posted until this week.

First, I would like to point out we have the platforms and history on four parties: The Conservative Party of Canada, The Green Party, The Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party – if you didn’t catch it they are listed in alphabetical order. That is it. Nothing more. I don’t have a favourite party.

The mission was simple. I assigned our writer with the task of talking to political analysts in Canada regarding each of the above-mentioned parties and their defence and veterans platforms. We even took it a step further, with our writer researching the history of each party when it came to defence and veterans issues and speaking with experts regarding the parties past actions.

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The assignment was an effort to educate us and, of course, our community as we prepare to go to the polls.

Over the week we have been accused of supporting the ABC: Anything But Conservatives 2015, Veterans for the Conservative Party, the Liberals, the Conservatives, the New Democrats, but not the Green Party.

We are also featuring profiles on our website on candidates across the country who have also served in the CAF. Not because we have a favourite party or trying to tell people how to vote, but because we believe it is interesting and it falls under our section Beyond the Uniform.

Simply put, we are not going to tell you how to vote, that is not our job as a magazine for military families. What we are trying to do is inform you. To provide you with the information you need in order to cast your vote in an educated manner. I can’t promise the articles will make your decision easier, but we are aiming to make it an informed one.

Besides, I can’t present you with a party I favour because I don’t have one at this time. I don’t even know how I am voting. As my husband, children and friends ask me who I am voting for, I don’t know. But what I do know is this election has put a fire under a lot of people, they are angry, they are upset or I suppose you could call them passionate.

I can tell you what I don’t believe in, name calling, unfounded accusations, being nasty. People have died for us to have this right and I am wondering how this behaviour respects them, each other and our country. I know there is unacceptable behaviour with some of our government officials, but we need to be better.

Until voting day comes when I will cast my vote, I will watch, read and listen. And when I cast my vote I will do it because it is my right as a Canadian. But don’t worry in the meantime we won’t tell you how to vote, that is your decision and yours alone.

Until next time,

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