Third party dental clinic failed cleaning and sterilization of dental instruments

For families living in the Kingston, Ontario, area, the Canadian Forces Health Services (CFHS) has been made aware that the Dr. Ken Luco Dentistry Professional Corporation has not been following procedures in regards to infection prevention and control practices.

Brigadier-General Andrew Downes, Surgeon General and Commander of Canadian Forces Health Services Group (CFHS) said, “We have been informed that a recent public health inspection identified improper cleaning and sterilization of dental instruments, which could result in blood-borne infections like Hepatitis and HIV.”

The Canadian Armed Forces sometimes augment their on-base services by sending members to external health care providers. As such, a number of military members have been sent to this external, third-party dental clinic for treatment. 

CFHS states that no infections have been reported so far and that the risk for such an infection is considered to be low. They are, however, taking precautions to protect members’ health. 

The CFHS is working with Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington Public Health on the matter. Brigadier-General Downes stated “we are reviewing our referral records to identify all members who were treated at this clinic between Jan 2010 and Jan 2019. Those members will be contacted directly with a recommendation to see their health care provider.”

Brigadier-General Downes stresses that any member with questions or concerns are encouraged to consult their health care provider.

Visit the KFL&A website for more information.

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