Shows to Stream This Weekend

Are you in the mood for a good romance, or perhaps you’re looking for some good laughs after a tough week? No matter what your cup of tea is, there surely is a show you can binge on this weekend. Here’s our weekly roundup of the best streaming has to offer.

Peaky Blinders – Period Piece, Drama

This British timepiece, gangster drama, set in Birmingham, England, is an instant classic. Peaky Blinders weaves together the complicated stories of the members of the Shelby family, a gypsy family who’s on the up and up from their life of petty crime. Throughout five seasons, audiences watch the Shelby empire grow over several decades. Watch Peaky Blinders on Netflix. See trailer here.

Fargo – Drama, Crime

This FX series is a follow-up of the classic 90s movie with the same title. Each season welcomes a new cast and new story, but with Fargo, Minnesota still at the heart of the show. Each season also promises its fair share of gore, violence, and unique Minnesotan accents. Watch the first three seasons of Fargo on Netflix. See trailer here.

Windfall – Thriller

Starring Lily Collins and Jason Segel, Netflix’s latest thriller movie is about a man breaking into a tech billionaire’s empty vacation home. However, things go sideways when a young couple arrives at the house unexpectedly. Watch Windfall on Netflix. See trailer here.

Bridgerton – Romance

The highly anticipated season two of the international sensation Bridgerton has arrived. Created by Shonda Rhimes and based on the book series of the same title, season 2 of Bridgerton follows the story of the eldest Bridgerton son and his quest for love. Although this season focuses on Andrew, all the beloved Bridgerton characters are back, including the unseen narrator played by Julie Andrews. Watch Bridgerton on Netflix. See trailer here.

Dune – SciFi

An adaption of the 1965 epic science fiction novel of the same name, Dune, centres around Paul Atreides, a gifted young man born into an extraordinary destiny. He must travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe to save his family. Dune’s star-studded cast includes Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet as the main characters. Watch Dune on Crave. See trailer here.

Upload – SciFi, Comedy

The edgy, futuristic storyline of Upload is sure to offer plenty of laughs along the way. Upload focuses on Nathan Brown, a man who prematurely dies and lives in a world where he can upload himself virtually in the afterlife of his choosing. Watch Upload on Prime. Watch trailer here.

Shining Vale – Horror, Comedy

Starring Courtney Cox, Shining Vale is about a dysfunctional family who moves to a small town to reconnect. Unknowingly, however, the family moves into a house where terrible atrocities have taken place. Ironically, Pat, played by Cox, is the only one that can feel the ghosts of their new home. Watch Shining Vale on Crave. Watch trailer here.

Traces – Crime, Drama

This British crime drama follows the story of three female forensic professionals working together in the fictitious Scottish Institute of Forensic Science and Anatomy. The three must work together to solve crimes. Watch Traces on Britbox. Watch trailer here.

The Chelsea Detective – Crime

London’s Chelsea neighbourhood is for the privileged, the beautiful, the wealthy. But even the nicest of areas have their dark side, and it’s the job of detectives Arnold and Priya to uncover the truth and bring even perpetrators to justice. Watch The Chelsea Detective on Acorn TV. Watch trailer here.

Tales from the Loop- SciFi

Based on an art book from Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag, Tales from the Loop is about the residents of the fictional city of Mercer, Ohio, and the Mercer Center for Experimental Physics. It is here that researchers try to make the impossible possible. Watch Tales from the Loop on Prime TV. Watch trailer here.

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