Prime Minister Announces Chief of the Defence Staff Appointment

This afternoon, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced General Wayne Eyre had been appointed to the Chief of the Defence Staff.

“Throughout his career, General Eyre has demonstrated dedicated service to his country and to Canadians. Over the past year, his lived experience has played a vital role in providing strong leadership, and helping Canadians across the country as they faced important and increasingly difficult challenges.

“General Eyre will continue working hard to build and oversee cultural change in the Canadian Armed Forces, and to gain trust and confidence of survivors of sexual misconduct. I know he will keep leading our Armed Forces with distinction and professionalism as they continue to protect Canadians and their values at home and abroad,” stated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a press release.

Then a Lieutenant-General and Commander of the Canadian Army General Wayne Eyre, and stakeholders discuss during Ex COLLABORATIVE SPIRIT 2019 in Petawawa, Ontario on 25 September 2019. Images courtesy of CAF.

CAF Career

Eyre has spent the majority of his career in command or deputy command positions. He was previously deployed to Cyprus, Croatia, and Bosnia and served in Afghanistan twice – first in the Canadian Operational Mentor and Liaison Team in Kandahar, then as the Commanding General of NATO Training Mission.

As Deputy Commander of United Nations Command Korea, he became the most senior Canadian officer ever permanently stationed in the Asia-Pacific region.

Minister of Defence

The newly appointed Defence Minister Anita Anand stated, “I sincerely congratulate General Wayne Eyre on his appointment as Chief of the Defence Staff. General Eyre and I will continue to work together to build a military where all members feel safe, protected, and respected, wherever they are, whatever they are doing. The Canadian Armed Forces form a crucial element of our nation’s fabric, and I look forward to working with General Eyre as we tackle the important issues facing Canada, now and in the future.”

Then Deputy Commanding General, Operations for XVIII Airborne Corps in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Brigadier-General Wayne Eyre accompanies members of the 82nd Airborne Division onboard a Royal Canadian Air Force CC-177 Globemaster III aircraft. The American troops and Canadian Armed Forces General will be parachuting from the Canadian aircraft as part of the Joint Operational Access Exercise (JOAX) being held at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Image courtesy of JOAX.

Commanded Various Disaster Relief Operations

In Canada, Eyre has commanded various disaster relief operations, including the military response to the 2015 Saskatchewan wildfires and the 2016 Fort McMurray evacuation. He was appointed Commander of the Canadian Army in August 2019, after a brief appointment as Commander of Military Personnel Command in June 2019.

Earlier this year, Eyre was appointed Acting Cheif of the Defence Staff and was promoted to the rank of General in August 2021.

Grew Up on Saskatchewan Farm

Eyre grew up on a farm in Wadena, Saskatchewan. He spent his high school years in Medicine Hat, Alberta. He joined Army Cadets at 12 and has been in uniform ever since, noted his bio.

“General Eyre attended the Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, British Columbia, and the Royal Military College of Canada, in Kingston, Ontario.

“Upon commissioning in 1988, he joined 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI), and has spent the majority of his career in command or deputy command positions, including commanding 3rd Battalion PPCLI, 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, 3rd Canadian Division and Joint Task Force West, Deputy Commanding General – Operations for XVIII (U.S.) Airborne Corps.”

Then a Lieutenant-General and Commander of the Canadian Army, General Wayne Eyre, and Mr. David Morrison discuss during Ex COLLABORATIVE SPIRIT 2019 in Petawawa, Ontario on 25 September 2019. Image courtesy of Canadian Armed Forces.

To Oversee Canadian Armed Forces

As Chief of the Defence Staff, General Eyre will oversee the Canadian Armed Forces’ ongoing operations in Canada and worldwide, including the emergency assistance currently being provided to individuals and communities impacted by the floods, landslides, and extreme weather conditions in British Columbia.

The press release noted Eyre would also keep working toward fully implementing the national defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, to deliver the standard of service and care Canadians in uniform deserve, and the modernization of the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD).

“As Chief of the Defence Staff General Eyre will continue the work to transform the culture of the Canadian Armed Forces to ensure zero tolerance for sexual misconduct and harassment while eliminating hateful conduct and systemic racism from the organization,” stated the press release.

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