Military personnel and vaccine identification

With many provinces now requiring proof of vaccination, it is important to note that proof of vaccination looks different for military personnel.

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members who have received their COVID-19 vaccines through the CAF have proof of vaccination. However, the proof of vaccination is not like the standard immunization receipts Canadians have received.

Vaccine Identification

For military members, it can be in the form of an entry in a vaccination booklet, a sheet of paper, or a card, according to the Government of Canada website.

The website also notes that any details about the vaccination are entered into the Canadian Forces Health Information System, the CAF electronic health information management system where CAF members’ health records are kept.

“The CAF vaccination booklet or other document provided to members can be used by members when asked to prove their vaccination status,” the website reads, “Public health officials in all Canadian jurisdictions are aware of the appearance of the CAF member’s proof of vaccination.”

Verifying Authenticity

To check the authenticity of the documents, compare them against the military identification card, vaccination booklet, international certificate or prophylaxis, immunization record (sheet or card), and verify that the name and service number on the document matches the ones on the individual’s military identification card.

Documents other than what was previously listed, including documents on an 8.5″ x 11″ paper labelled “PROTECTED B” that appear to be a printout of a vaccination record, are not the issued CAF proof of vaccination.

Optional Vaccine Passports

CAF members have the option to request a proof of vaccination credential (PVC) from their Province or Territory (P/T) of residence. To do this, they must refer to their P/T for specific information on how to move forward.

“The P/T “vaccine passports,” or PVC, are an optional way for CAF members to demonstrate their vaccination status in their respective P/T that is in addition to the CAF-issued proof of vaccination,” the website noted.

Any CAF member who qualified for provincial/territorial health care but got their vaccination from the CAF should check in with their civilian Medicare system to add vaccines from the CAF to their civilian records.

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