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Keeping the Balance

Not only do I struggle with our great Canadian winters I also have difficulties with New Year’s resolutions.

Over the years I have learned to refrain from making resolutions as I end up setting myself up for failure because I don’t stick with them. And this year is no exception. I only made one and I managed to blow it on day four.

For my mental health and my puppy’s well being, which contributes to my well being, I promised her and myself I would walk her daily.

At our annual vet appointment last November the vet reminded me, big dogs need jobs. Our Annabelle is an Old English Sheepdog (OES), which is a large breed and add the fact she seems to be a little high strung. Okay VERY high strung. She needs a job, which is walking. Standing still she has been known to vibrate out of pure excitement. I can’t tell you how many times I have threatened to send her back to the breeder. And the fact he told me he had her shortlisted to be a show dog makes me laugh out loud. Her stand still – NEVER.

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With her in her harness and me in my winter walking gear we were off. We lasted three days. Even at -26C we were out there walking first thing in the morning. She became calmer and I had more energy. The difference in her and in myself was night and day.

On day four of our routine, my busy schedule took over and interrupted our winter wonderland walks. Maybe it was the two snow days, which added more tasks to my already busy schedule or it was being sucked in to surfing the darn Internet. I don’t know but our morning walks were stroked off my daily to do list. Instead of opting to not surf the net, I gave up walking my dog and now I am sluggish and she is lively.

Fortunately, everyday is a new day and it is never to late. So I will walk her today. I will commit myself to do that, as walking helps me keep balance in my life, which is what I am opting for this year. I am giving up resolutions. I wish I could give up our winters, but alas that is not an option right now.

In an effort to have balance in our lives this year we here at Ubiquitous Magazine have put together a team of women who will be sharing tips, ideas and their experience with our readers who too are looking to create balance in 2012.

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