Acting Commander of the Canadian Army announces CO and Regimental Sergeant appointments

MGen. Michel-Henri St.Louis, Acting Commander of the Canadian Army, announced and congratulated the 2022 appointments for Canadian Army Commanding Officer and Regimental Sergeant.

CO Appointments APS 2022

    • RCD, CO, LCol N.B. Forsyth
    • 1 RCHA, CO, LCol J. Odonnell
    • 2 RCHA, CO, LCol J.D. Flanders
    • 4 Regt (GS), CO, LCol N.Y. Skidmore
    • 1 RCR, CO, LCol D.J. Vincent
    • 3 PPCLI, CO, LCol B.D. Schmidt
    • 2 R22ER, CO, LCol R.L.N. De Castro
    • 3 R22ER, CO, LCol R.J.J. Bernatchez
    • 2 CER, CO, LCol J.P. Boddy
    • 4 ESR, CO, LCol A.P. Poirier
    • Tactics School, CMDT, LCol J.R.P. Chartrand
    • PSTC, CMDT, LCol L. Goela
    • 3 CDN Div TC, CMDT, LCol R.E. Barker
    • CAIR, CO, LCol J.W. Black
    • 5 CDSB Tech Svc, CO, LCol C.H. Berthiaume
    • 2 CDSB Ops Svc, CO, LCol F.J.B. Laroche
    • 2 CDSB Sig Svc, CO, Maj X.J.J. Dubois
    • 3 CDSB Sig Svc, CO, Maj J.S. Lessard
    • 21 EW Regt, CO, LCol R.F.J. Dias
    • 1 CMBG HQ and Sig Sqn, CO, Maj G.J. Barr
    • 2 CMBG HQ and Sig Sqn, CO, Maj N.L. Gonthier

RSM Appointments APS 2022

    • LDSH(RC), RSM, CWO R.A. Englehart
    • 1 RCHA, RSM, MWO S.A. McGowan (On Promotion)
    • RCA School, RSM, CWO J.M. Aucoin (Sep 21)
    • 2 RCR, RSM, MWO T.J.W. Lavallee (On Promotion)
    • 2 PPCLI, RSM, CWO P.G. Dunwoody (Oct 21)
    • 2 R22ER, RSM, MWO R.A.S. Chagnon (On Promotion)
    • 2 CDN Div TC, RSM, MWO J.I.S. Parent (On Promotion)
    • 2 Svc Bn, RSM, MWO N.L. Barrett (On Promotion)
    • 5 Svc Bn, RSM, CWO S. Tremblay
    • 5 CDSB Pers Svcs, RSM, MWO D.A. Compton (On Promotion)
    • 2 CDSB Pers Svcs, RSM, MWO M.J.D.S. Lizotte (On Promotion)
    • 4 CDSB Ops SCVS, RSM, CWO T.B. Buchanan (Jun 21)
    • CFB Suffield, BCWO, CWO H.T. Greening
    • CFSME, RSM, CWO M. Hudon

The new appointees will attend a mandatory Unit Command Team Course taking place from Feb. 7-17, 2022, at Canadian Army Command and Staff College Kingston.

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