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Research Consortium seeking Military Members, Families, and Veterans

Heroes in Mind, Advocacy, and Research Consortium (HiMARC) are currently looking for members of the military community to give their voice to a number of projects that support military members, families, and veterans.

These projects are studies on various aspects that affect members of the military community.

The studies include:

Family Resilience,
Military and Veteran Friendly Campus,
Veteran Cannabis Use, and
Virtual Delivery of Trauma-Focused Therapy.

Military and Veteran Campus

The Military and Veteran Campus study promotes Veterans’ success in post-secondary education and enabling post-secondary institutions to respond to their needs.

According to HiMARC, the institution is “looking for individuals who would be interested in participating in a research study to understand their experiences with post-secondary education.”

For this study, the institution is looking for military members or veterans pursuing post-secondary education, military or veterans who recently pursued higher education, family members who pursued higher education, post-secondary faculty, VAC, or CAF staff.

Participants can either take part in anonymous surveys, confidential interviews and focus groups, world cafe engagement, or mentorship and stakeholder engagement.

The hope is that at the end of the two-year pilot, “we will have developed a toolkit for post-secondary institutions implementing a Military, Veteran Friendly Campus (MVFC) in support of Canadian military members and Veterans pursuing post-secondary education,” according to HiMARC.

Veteran Cannabis Use

The Veteran Cannabis Use, or non-use, is a study that empowers veterans to make informed decisions about the benefits and risks of cannabis use.

Participants for this study should be Canadian military veterans who use or do not use cannabis, family members of veterans using cannabis, service providers or policymakers, or cannabis producers or providers.

Virtual Delivery of Trauma-Focused Therapy

This study supports the virtual delivery of trauma-focused therapy for military members, public safety personnel, or civilian frontline workers.

According to HiMARC, the institution is looking to “explore the use of on=line and phone-based delivery of trauma therapy for military members, Public Safety Personnel or civilian front-line workers who have experienced trauma in their line of work.”

The study involves anonymous surveys and confidential interviews, and focus groups.

Other Projects

Another one of the institution’s studies is the Family Resilience study which looks to explore ways to foster resilience, readiness, and growth of those who serve and, in the future, their families.

All of HiMARC’s studies are approved through the University of Alberta Research Ethics Board. Study participation is voluntary, revocable, and confidential. For these projects, HiMARC is looking to recruit military members, veterans, public safety personnel, and their families.

About HiMARC

HiMARC is a collaborative initiative and international hub focused on developing, evaluating, and implementing solutions to improve the resilience, readiness, and growth of military members, veterans, public safety personnel, and their families.

Additionally, HiMARC has a specific focus on improving the health and wellbeing of veterans and military members who struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other Operational Stress Injuries.

HiMARC collaborates with partners across the country toward its mission. Some of their partners include the University of Alberta, Department of National Defence, Veterans Affairs Canada, The Royal Canadian Legion, Royal Canadian Mountain Police, and many more.

To learn more about HiMAC’s studies or participate, click here.

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