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Treasury Board approved changes to compensation and benefits for members

On June 18, 2019, the Canadian Armed Forces announced in a press releases the Treasury Board had approved a number of changes to compensation and benefits for members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Many of these changes are major, and most are effective immediately and backdated. For most increases affecting pay or allowances, members should begin receiving the new rates on their end of August pay.

“The women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces and the families that support them are at the heart of everything we do in the Department of National Defence. Ensuring a compensation policy that is fair and equitably shows that Canada values our military members who work tirelessly to defend Canada and promote Canadian values and interests abroad,” states Minister of National Defence Harjit S. Sajjan

The statement noted:

· Rates of pay will increase for officer cadets in the Regular Officer Training Plan. In addition, allowances will increase for Search and Rescue Technicians to more accurately reflect the requirements of the job.

· Chief warrant officers and chief petty officers appointed to a strategic level position, such as a Command Chief Warrant Officer, will be paid at the highest level for the rank. In addition, the most senior non-commissioned member, the Canadian Armed Forces Chief Warrant Officer / Chief Petty Officer, will receive an annual special pay differential.

· Rates of pay will increase for medical and dental officers. Further, the annual special military differential will increase for medical and dental officers, and pharmacy officers will now also receive the differential. A special military differential is an amount paid on top of a salary, which recognizes the unique skills and education required for a particular profession.

· The Military Foreign Service Instructions have been amended to preclude the concurrent payment of Hardship Allowance with Environmental Allowances whose purpose is to compensate for substantially the same adverse environmental conditions. This is to correct the omission of Sea Duty and Submarine Allowances from the “no entitlement” clause. This change will not result in any recovery of pay.

· Members of the Canadian Armed Forces who are not yet trained in their chosen occupation who choose to leave the CAF through Voluntary Release (known as Item 4(c) – on request) will not be entitled to relocation benefits.

The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces review pay and benefits on a regular basis to ensure members are being compensated in a fair manner. These changes are being made to ensure pay and benefits remain competitive in the labour market.

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