Funding assistance announced for purchase of underwear for women and transgender members

Recognizing that the standard military underwear is not appropriate for all members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), female and transgender members will now receive funding assistance to purchase the underwear of their choice.

“Properly fitting operational clothing is vital to the success of CAF members and their mission. Underwear, as the base layer, is a critical component of the combat clothing suite,” stated a CANFORGEN released this week.

The military has recognized that the current issued short-bottom underwear is in the men’s boxer short style and does not meet the needs of all members.

“It does not conform to the female shape and the uniqueness of their needs, including menstruation and incontinence,” added the CANFORGEN.

Flexibility for All

Members looking to purchase desired underwear on their own accord are welcome to purchase any underwear that best suits their needs. This includes menstruation or incontinence-type leakproof underwear.

The underwear must conform to dress regulations and be either black, neutral, or white. However, there will not be any physical inspection of the underwear, according to the CANFORGEN.

Entitlement Details

All entitled regular and reserve force members are eligible for the underwear funding assistance. Entitled members here means any members who are authorized to draw operational clothing, have successfully completed basic recruit training, and are on effective strength.

The reimbursement for the purchase of desired underwear is up to a maximum amount of $180 each fiscal year. Taxes will be reimbursed over this amount. However, shipping costs and foreign currency exchange will only be covered if it is within the designated amount.

Entitled members deploying on a mission for greater than five months will be eligible for an additional $180. This additional funding will only be provided once per deployment, and documentation must be provided to prove involvement in the operation.

Accepted form of documentation includes:

    • CFTPO MSG/Position Number
    • Attached posting message
    • Route letter/class C contract
    • Travel Claim

For reimbursement, requests must be made via CF 52, General Allowance Claim, along with their original proof of purchase to their unit orderly room. Additional procedures include:

Receipts and supporting documents must be from the same fiscal year as the claim being submitted. Supporting documentation must clearly identify the cost of the underwear.
For audit purposes, units will be required to maintain a list of all members that have claimed the funds. Units will be required to retain all claims, receipts, and supporting documentation.
Reimbursement of authorized claims will be centrally funded.

Questions on financial requirements and clarification on policy should be directed to email (plus sign)dsspm clothing – vetements dapes(at)adm(mat) dsspm(at)ottawa-hull.

For frequently asked questions, refer to the FAQ – clothing reimbursement program here.

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