Cash Out Annual Leave

Military members can now cash out up to five days of annual leave, recognizing that many Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel may be unable to take leave.

According to CANFORGEN 013/23 released in January, the Chief of the Defence Staff approved the cash out in recognition that the CAF non-operational tempo has not allowed some members to take leave.

“The ordering of members on annual leave for the purpose of expending their leave credits is not always a viable option, therefore, this year members are being given the option to cash out up to five days annual leave administration,” stated the CANFORGEN.

The option is available to all Regular Force members and Reserve Force members on Class B or C service in the fiscal year 2022/2023.

How to Cash Out Leave

To cash out, annual leave requests must be submitted using the DND 2393, as per Pras 31 Thru 36 of Ref D as per para (31) (D) of Ref D. Reference this CANFORGEN on the form DND 2393.

The amount will be funnelled through the units. Any amount of leave in excess of five days may be combined with this approval. However, all remaining leave days must be administered.

“This is a one-time annual leave cash out initiative for this fiscal year only, there will be no consideration given to the cash out of other types of leave outside the Refs,” stated the CANFORGEN.

Deadline to Apply

The deadline to apply for the cash out is March 15.

For questions or concerns, CAF members can contact the CMP Administrative Response Centre (ARC) by emailing here or calling 1-833-445-1182.

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