Canadian Defence Attaché Program Applications Being Accepted

If travelling the world, representing Canada sounds like the life for you, then applying for a Directorate of Foreign Liaison (DFL) Canadian Defence Attaché Program (CDA) may be for you.

DFL is currently looking to fill positions such as Canadian Defence Attaché, Deputy CDA, and CDA Assistant for annual postings in 2024 and 2025. The positions are located at any one of the 47 CDA offices around the world.

“The CDA program’s purpose is to directly support all DND and CAF defence diplomacy and global engagement programs achieving greater interoperability and enhanced delivery of defence capabilities for ongoing, contingency and potential operations in accordance with defence outcomes identified in support of Canada’s Defence Policy,” stated CANFORGEN 140/23.

According to the CANFORGEN, CDA personnel focus on activities that build and nurture relationships between Canada’s defence and military with host nations “so that timely and relevant information relating to Canada’s interests is available to support strategic and operational decision making.”

Pre-Requisites and Requirements

The CDA program selection is currently open to members who meet the following conditions, according to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF):

  • Officers of any MOSID (Military Occupational Structure Identification)
  • NCMs must be HRA, FSA and INT Ops
  • (According to the CANFORGEN, other MOSIDS can apply, but the above MOSIDS will be given priority);
  • A Canadian citizen;
  • Reg F NCMS- Sgt/PO2
  • Reg F Officers- Maj/LCDR to Col/Capt (N)
  • Operationally qualified in current MOSID
  • Meet medical category in current MOSID
  • Currently clearance level must be Level III
  • Reservists will be considered if Regular Force members are not available.

Interested applicants can begin the process through a Notice of Intent that must be submitted by Oct. 13, 2023. Candidates can indicate their preference for region or post. However, priority will be given to flexible candidates.

Next Steps

Interested applicants will be informed of their approval and subsequent election phases by Nov. 3. Those selected should be prepared to serve for a period of three years. Those selected will be sent to the CDA Readiness Program by late February 2024 or language training by July 2024.

Applicants are warned not to discuss their application outside their Chain of Command and close family and to refrain from disclosing anything on social media.

For anyone interested in the program and looking for more information or has questions, email DFL selection at DFL(UNDERSCORE)MAIL(AT)FORCES.GC.CA.

Learn more about the program through the DWAN website at the following link (the link will only work on the DWAN): HTTP://INTRANET.MIL.CA/EN/ORGANIZATIONS/VCDS/COS-DFL.PAGE.

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