10 Tips to Ensure a Quick Sale

There is nothing quite like walking into a home that looks like it could be out of the pages of Architectural Digest. The tasteful decorations and showroom aesthetic of a staged home will convince any buyer to put down an offer as soon as they leave the house. 

In fact, experts agree that staged homes sell faster and for more money, typically because the house is seen in its most attractive form by prospective buyers. A house that is staged can also make your house look better in pictures and appear bigger in person. 

Homes that are staged “usually sell within a month,” says Allen, who has owned her own business for ten years. Her work has been featured on HGTV vignettes called “Stager’s Studio.”  Karma Allen

“The more people your house appeals, to the easier it is to sell. The way to appeal to a wide range of people is to make it appear neutral like a show home,” said Karma Allen, owner of Final Touch Home Staging, a staging company located in Edmonton, AB. 

Homes that are staged “usually sell within a month,” says Allen, who has owned her own business for ten years. Her work has been featured on HGTV vignettes called “Stager’s Studio.” 

“I’ve staged many properties that have been on the market for months and months, and as soon as they are staged they sell within days,” added Allen. 

Even if hiring a professional staging company is not viable, there are plenty of steps military families can take to create the illusion of a staged home. Allen shares her expert advice, tips, and tricks to get your house in immaculate condition for a quick sale. 

Keep it Clean

According to Allen, keeping a spotless home is the most important thing a person can do to leave a good impression of the house. 

“A clean house tells people the house has been cared for, it’s been maintained and they can move right in and feel comfortable,” said Allen. 

So make sure the floors are mopped, the windows are cleaned, there are no cobwebs, the dusting is taken care of, and the bathrooms are clean. This also includes making sure any repairs and maintenance is taken care of before the house goes on the market.


When getting your home ready for sale, Allen recommends removing items such as family photos, religious symbols, trophies and any other personal items that can distract buyers from the house itself. Removing any personal items allows the house to speak to a potential buyer and note the beautiful features of the home itself. Leaving too many personal items around could end up branding your house as the “house with the exotic art” rather than the “house with the beautiful crown mouldings.” 


“Less is more when you’re selling,” notes Allen. 

Be sure to remove excess belongings and store them away. You want buyers to see your home and not your belongings. Not only can too much clutter be distracting, but it may come across to buyers that the house does not have enough room or there is a lack of storage. 

Declutter by boxing away any items you don’t need and only leave out the bare minimum for you and your family to live until you move. 


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to the look of your house and give it a relatively inexpensive upgrade.

“They say the amount you spend on paint you could get back eight times in a quick sale on the house,” commented Allen. 

The staging expert recommends neutral colours, such as white or light grey, that can go with just about anything, so buyers feel comfortable that their belongings will match. 


Scents can also play a role in increasing the appeal of your home. Make sure the garbage is taken out, and there are no foul smells around the house, in the bathroom or otherwise. Some experts even recommend baking a fresh batch of cookies or cinnamon rolls before a viewing to leave a nostalgic and pleasant memory of the home. 


The lighting in your home can also play a crucial role in attracting buyers and sales. Make sure all of the light bulbs are working and are all the same tone, either all cool or all warm. Be sure that window coverings are open to let in natural light, says Allen. 

Tips for Various Rooms 

There are a number of relatively inexpensive items that can change the look of a room, according to Allen: 

For the bedroom, she says a new set of matching bedding that “just makes a bed look like it’s out of a magazine,” helps to upgrade the bedrooms. 

For the bathroom, a new fresh set of towels, and in the entranceways, brand new mats. The kitchen counters should be cleared out except for one decorative item, and no magnets should be on the fridge. The living room should be tidy, clean and organized.

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