Are you a military spouse considering entrepreneurship? 

Are you a military spouse curious about entrepreneurship and owning your own business? Register for Helping Entrepreneurs Reach Complete Success (HERCS) online training program. 

Better hurry, though, as there is not much time left to register for the upcoming programs – the deadline is March 1, 2019. The program will be running on March 18, 20, and 25th, from 13:00-15:00.

Started in 2016 at the Trenton MFRC the national online program is currently funded by Military Family Services. The program was initially established in 2009 through a partnership with the Trenton MFRC’s Employment and Education Program at Loyalist College’s SIFE, now called Enactus group.

“The over program is designed to help those who have had an interest in entrepreneurship or who may be interested in learning the necessary skills to start their own small business,” said Elizabeth Nicholas, employment & education coordinator/HR support, Trenton MFRC.

The overall program requires three, two-hour sessions to cover Entrepreneurship and Finances for Small Business,  Marketing and Social Media, including how to build a social media plan, and closing with information about building a Business Model Canvas (BMC).

Nicholas says HERCS is a wonderful gateway and offers excellent resources for those just starting out, or needing a little help to enhance their existing business. It helps that the program features various partners who can dial into the online training sessions to share their expertise in various aspects of a business.

“It’s a really interactive and fast-moving class that provides a wealth of info within a very quick timeline,” said Nicholas. “That is why we are thrilled that MFS has funded the program and we can provide each participant with a detailed manual to use moving forward.”

Participants don’t need any previous training or experience to take the training sessions. An online tool used in the sessions, WebEx allows everyone to have ongoing chats during sessions to share helpful tips, ask questions and offer input.

Nicholas who has been with the Trenton MFRC since 2006 often sees the needs of her clients and the issues and challenges military spouses face, and see the benefits the program offers. 

Next round of sessions: March 18, 20, and 25th, from 13:00-15:00. To register, click here.

Registrations for this group are being accepted until March 1, 2019.

Paige Leclair with files from Deb van der Linde

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