Prince’s Trust Transitions to King’s Trust – Operation Entrepreneurship Concludes

Above image: Participants from Prince’s Trust Operation Entrepreneur workshops. Over 6,00 veterans took part in the organization’s programs over the years. Image courtesy of Operation Entrepreneur.

After more than a decade of helping Canadian Veterans make the transition from military life to entrepreneurship, the Prince’s Trust is making its own transition: it is now the King’s Trust.

Military personnel and veterans networking at one of Operation Entrepreneur’s workshops. Image courtesy of Operation Entrepreneur.

Operation Entrepreneur

Initially created by Prince Charles in (2012) the organization created Operation Entrepreneur, a program that recognized the unique skills of Veterans. The program has helped more than 6,000 Veterans turn their business ideas into reality. The King’s Trust promises to continue its mission of supporting Veterans through guiding them into other Veteran programs and organizations.

“Over the last decade, the landscape of veteran-serving organizations in Canada has significantly grown,” says Farah Mohamad, CEO of King’s Trust Canada, announced in an email.

“Today, there are many expert organizations offering specialized support to veterans and their families. In light of this changed landscape, we have made the decision to sunset our veterans programming and transfer our assets and programs to organizations who are well placed to provide entrepreneurship support to this incredible group of Canadians.”

Participants from Prince’s Trust Operation Entrepreneur workshops. Over 6,00 veterans took part in the organization’s programs over the years. Image courtesy of Operation Entrepreneur.

Finalizing Relationships

The organization announced the decision at the end of February 2024. In his email Mohamed noted that the organization is finalizing their relationships.

“We have compiled a comprehensive referrals list to ensure Veterans continue to be supported. This list represents a diverse range of opportunities for Veteran entrepreneurs, including business incubators, mentorship programs and networking groups. Each referral has been carefully chosen to ensure that they align with the unique needs and aspirations of this community.

“We encourage present clients and interested veterans to explore these resources and take advantage of the support they offer. Whether you are looking for guidance, mentorship, funding opportunities, or simply a community of like-minded individuals, we are confident that you will find valuable resources among our referrals list.”

In addition, Mohamed says they referred their mentors to mentoring programs at Mission Entrepreneur, The Pepper Pod, Treble Victor and Futurpreneur.

Veterans from the Dalhousie Bootcamp. Over 6,00 veterans took part in the organization’s programs over the years. Image courtesy of Operation Entrepreneur.

Recommended Organizations

With Operation Entrepreneur coming to an end, Mohamed noted three organizations that would be beneficial to Veteran entrepreneurs.

Image courtesy of Mission Entrepreneur: https://futurpreneur.ca/en/blog/jean-philippe-lecuyers-entrepreneurial-mission-in-france.

Mission Entrepreneur

The Mission Entrepreneur program is specifically tailored for Canadian Veterans and aims to serve as both an incubation and acceleration platform. According to the organization, the program offers comprehensive professional development training, personalized coaching, and substantial support to assist Veteran entrepreneurs in scaling and commercializing their business ventures.

This initiative is not only about fostering a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem for Veterans but also ensuring a successful transition into civilian life as thriving entrepreneurs. According to Mission Entrepreneur, the organization is committed to enhancing commercial success and facilitating networking and collaboration opportunities. The program equips Veterans with the essential tools, training, and mentorship needed to transform their business ideas into tangible realities.

For more information about Mission Entrepreneur, visit here.

Image courtesy of Futurpreneur.


Futurpreneur is a nonprofit organization that provides support, resources, and financing to young entrepreneurs in Canada. Formerly known as the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF), Futurpreneur aims to empower young people aged 18-39 to start and grow their own businesses.

Some key features and aspects of Futurpreneur are:

  • Start-Up Financing,
  • Mentorship and Support,
  • Entrepreneurship Resources,
  • Networking Opportunities,
  • Online Platform and
  • Community Engagement.

Operation Entrepreneur started at Futurpreneur before the program came to Prince’s Trust Canada, and the organization has remained a trusted source of support and entrepreneurship training throughout the last decade.

Visit the website here.

Image courtesy of Startup Canada. https://www.startupcan.ca/startup-global-2023-recap/

Startup Canada

Startup Canada is a grassroots, entrepreneur-led national nonprofit organization that fosters entrepreneurship and supports startup communities across Canada. Startup Canada plays a vital role in supporting and promoting entrepreneurship in Canada. Through its programs, events, advocacy efforts, and community engagement, Startup Canada helps entrepreneurs access resources, build networks, and overcome challenges on their journey to startup success.

For more information about Startup Canada, visit here.

For further information regarding the Veterans Entrepreneurship Program concluding contact Farah Mohamed here.

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