Life After The Uniform

Cleaning Out Junk Drawers, and Other Revelations

This week continues on the idea of order. I was totally inspired to clean out my two junk drawers and pair them down to one. I couldn’t believe how easy this was … and now I have an empty kitchen drawer!

What I’m less good at is this whole idea of puttering. It feels too much like not doing anything … and that rubs my protestant work ethic the wrong way entirely. I have a terrible time accepting that not every moment of every day needs to be jam packed with doing things, or more specifically, with getting things “done”. But, since I’ve agreed to give it this whole Simple Abundance thing a try, I … well … tried. I think puttering, along with “reflection”, “going within” and “lifting up my heart” are going to be learned skills for me. But I also think that setting aside the time for them is probably my only hope. So, I’ll be getting up a bit earlier in the coming weeks …

DSCN7157   DSCN7158

What I really love though is Sarah’s insistence that we make the effort to create comfortable homes that embrace us. And that has very little to do with decorating, and everything to do with the “feel” of the place. We’ve all been to homes that have had the heart and soul decorated right out of them. But to have a home that is comfortable, cozy, reasonably clean, with good smells coming from the kitchen … that’s where my family will want to be. And that’s worth some effort.

Until next week …

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Laura Keller

Laura Keller has enjoyed writing for as long as she can remember. Eventually, she became the wife of a Combat Engineer and mom of three. After her husband's retirement, the Keller Krew settled in southwestern Ontario, where they readjusted to life after the uniform. The Keller family faced another readjustment when Laura’s husband passed away suddenly the summer of 2016. Laura had been contributing to CMF Magazine since its inception back in 2010.
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