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CP Rail offers employment opportunities for Veterans

Since March, the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP Rail) has hired over 150 Veterans.

The Veteran program offers Veterans the opportunity of civilian employment that uses the skills and experience they have gained during their career with the Canadian Armed Forces. 

“The similarity of the industry makes it a natural progression for Veterans who are leaving the military,” says Rory Thompson, manager of veteran relations at CP Rail.

The program also offers a Mentorship Program that sets Veterans up for success with CP Rail. When a successful candidate is hired, they are given a mentor during the first month or two of employment to offer support and to check in with the Veteran.

Veterans also have the opportunity to participate in the Management Trainee Program as well.

“The Management Trainee Program is a fast-tracked program for specific roles, where they learn about the rail industry, get a strategic overview of CP and the industry.”

Thompson, who is a Veteran himself is responsible for recruiting Veterans at CP. Before his

transition to a civilian career, Thompson spent 11 years as a British Army Officer and two years in Canada, as an Operations Officer with the British Army largest training facility in Suffield, AB.

“I get to work one-on-one with potential candidates who are interested in CP and work with them to figure out where they want to work and what they want.”

He says there are many tips and tricks to ensure a Veteran stands out during the application process. Taking time to make sure your resume explains in civilian terms, the experience and skills you have that pertain to the job you are interested in. Do your research before applying to know what role you would like to be assigned if hired.

“Don’t underestimate yourself. The military sets you up for success in many aspects of civilian life.” 

If you are interested in a career with CP Rail or want to know more information about the program visit their website.

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