RCAF Commander LGen Kenny Announced Commanding Officers and Senior RCAF Appointments

The Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force, LGen. Eric Kenny, recently announced commanding officer and senior RCAF appointments for the upcoming posting season.

“My sincere congratulations to all. These appointments reflect your significant contributions to the RCAF and they carry with them a heightened degree of expectation of your personal and professional attributes,” stated the RCAF commander in a CANFORGEN announcing the appointments.

The appointees were chosen using the newly integrated proactive disclosure process.

‌Appointments Across All Wings

The appointments for the upcoming annual posting season are as follows:‌

  • LCol. Ivan Dabic is appointed 1 Canadian Air Division A2
  • Maj. (P) Paul Allan is appointed 1 CDN Air DIV HQ A8
  • LCol. Tyler West is appointed 1 CDN Air DIV HQ CO
  • Maj. Greg Clarke is appointed JRCC Victoria OIC
  • Maj. Pat Wight is appointed 2 CDN Air Div A8
  • Maj. (P) Sarah Lemay is appointed 400 THS CO
  • LCol. Allan Ireland is appointed 403 HOTS CO
  • LCol. Melissa Snook is appointed 408 THS CO
  • LCol. Dominique Bertrand is appointed 438 THS CO
  • Maj. (P) Francois Lacharite is appointed 2 WG OSS CO
  • Maj. Sebastien Gagnon is appointed 12 RDR SQN CO
  • Maj. Eddie Brown is appointed 417 CS Sqn CO
  • Maj. (P) Alexia Hannam 4 Wg DCOMD
  • CWO Dipen Mistry is appointed 4 Wg Wing CWO
  • Maj. Rob Forgues is appointed 10 FTTS CO
  • LCol. Aleem Sajan is appointed 5 Wg Commander
  • LCol. Scott Frost is appointed 412 (T) Sqn CO
  • LCol. Neil Prescott is appointed 424 (T and R) Sqn CO
  • Maj. (P). Gregor Jackson is appointed 426 (T) Sqn CO
  • LCol. Dwayne Demers is appointed 2 Air MOV SQN CO
  • CWO Gail Roberts is appointed 7 WG Wing CWO
  • Maj. (P) Whitney Camm is appointed 8 Wing OSS CO
  • LCol. Rhea MacLean is appointed 9 Wing Commander
  • LCol. Geoff St. Germaine is appointed 406 (M-OT) Sqn Co
  • LCol. Matt Dukowski is appointed 443 (MH) Sqn CO
  • LCol. Ryan Lawrence is appointed 12 AMS CO
  • LCol. Alex Gignac is appointed 404 (LRP and T) Sqn CO
  • Maj. (P) Mark Norris is appointed 413 (T and R) Sqn CO
  • LCol. Eric Travis is appointed 14 AMS CO
  • LCol. Dev Paquette is appointed 14 Wg DCOMD
  • Maj. James Gannon is appointed 14 CE Sqn CO
  • LCol. Philipe Turcotte is appointed 2 CFFTS CMDT
  • Maj. (P) Matthew Fullerton 15 Wing DCOMD
  • LCol. Neil Ryan is appointed CFSACO CMDT
  • Maj. (P) Genevieve Dussault is appointed 402 (T) Sqn CO
  • Maj. Nadine Dale is appointed DET DUNDURN COMD
  • Maj. Francois Fasquelle is appointed 442 (T and R) Sqn CO
  • Maj. Lewis Williams is appointed CFSSAR Co
  • LCol. Kenneth Bedley is appointed 22 WG MSS CO
  • Maj. Angie Hudson is appointed 51 AC and W Sqn CO
  • LCol. Jodi-Jane Longley is appointed 414 EWS SQN CO
  • LCol. Gabe Hanselpacker is appointed Elmendorf AFB AK Det Commander
  • LCol. Phil Desmarais is appointed CC Vandenburg CO
  • LCol. Melissa Dupuis is anointed CCNAEWF CO

Additionally, CFS Alert commanding officers are as follows:

A CC-177 Globemaster aircraft prepares to land at Thule Air Base, Greenland after dropping off equipment at Canadian Forces Base Alert during Operation BOXTOP on September 30, 2016. Photo: Cpl Ryan Moulton, 8 Wing Imaging.
  • Maj. Melissa Chandler will fill the position from Dec. 31, 2022- July 6, 2023
  • Maj. Ryan Port will fill the position from July 2023 to Jan. 2024
  • Maj. Mojisola Lemire will fill the position from Jan. 2024- June 2024

Homework Already Assigned

‌In his message, LGen. Kenny directs the new appointees to “deeply comprehend the renewed CAF Ethos: Trusted to Serve.”

“You are to lead by example and embody the high level of trust Canadians, our government and our Armed Forces personnel deserve,” said Kenny.

Throughout his message, Kenny reminded the RCAF’s new leaders to exemplify integrity, courage and conviction as the RCAF continues to strive to be an agile, integrated and inclusive branch of the CAF.

“As you prepare to assume your critical leadership opportunities within the RCAF, I challenge each of you to think about how you will ensure that every member under your command can thrive and grow in a safe, inclusive and respectful environment. I am confident that you are well prepared to succeed in this critical command responsibility,” said Kenny.

 LGen. Kenny announced Maj. (P) Alexia Hannam appointment to 4 Wg DCOMD. Image: A Royal Canadian Air Force CF-188 Hornet fighter aircraft takes off during Exercise MAPLE FLAG 2013 (JOINTEX 13), at Canadian Armed Forces Base Cold Lake, in Cold Lake, Alberta, on May 27, 2013. Photo by: MCpl Marc-Andre Gaudreault, Canadian Forces Combat Camera.

‌More Appointments Coming

Kenny also noted that more appointments would be announced in the coming weeks as they are finalized.

Career managers will coordinate with the appropriate members in the chain of command prior to releasing posting instructions.

Individual posting and promotion messages will follow.

“I look forward to the opportunity to articulate my personal views to you at a future RCAF unit command team orientation program (RCUTOP) session.

‌“I wish you every success throughout your tour,” said Kenny.

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