Director of Defence Counsel Services to provide free legal advice to CAF members

If you are a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member who may be facing legal trouble, then the Director of Defence Counsel Services can provide you with free legal advice.

According to CANFORGEN 116/22, recently released by the CAF, the number for this free service has recently changed.

The CANFORGEN states: “The Director of Defence Counsel Services provides free legal advice to persons, in particular when they are the subject of an investigation under the code of service discipline, a summary investigation or a board of inquiry, they have been arrested or are detained in respect of a service offence.”

Additionally, CAF members can access the service if they need legal advice of a general nature on matters relating to a summary hearing, they are charged with having committed a service infraction, or to an officer or non-commissioned member appointed under Article 121.02 of the Ref A to assist the person charged.

The Duty Counsel Number for local NCR callers or those outside North America is 819-997-8985. The toll-free number for callers located elsewhere in Canada or the U.S. is 1-888-715-9636.

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