Changes to Depart With Dignity Program

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recently announced updates to its Depart With Dignity program, helping to create a standard for all those personnel who are honourably discharged.

CANFORGEN 004/23 CMP 003/23 noted the program applies to all members of the CAF who have completed Basic Military Qualification or the Basic Military Officer Qualification and are being honourably discharged.

“The intent of the program is to formalize the process and to ensure that CAF members are given the appropriate recognition upon completion of their military service and that a minimum standard is established within the scope of the DWD program,” stated the CANFORGEN announcing the changes.

Key Updates

The Canadian Forces Military Personnel Instructions have been updated to reflect the DWD.

According to the CANFORGEN, key updates include reducing the size of the CF54 certificate of service to reduce the cost of its framing and consolidating all aspects of the DWD program under “one instrument.”

This includes CF Service Pin and the Veterans Service Card. Members facing a terminal prognosis can request a recognition of service ceremony before their passing.

To learn more about the updates, the CF Military Personnel Instructions can be found here on the DWAN. (HTTP://CMP-CPM.MIL.CA/EN/POLICIES/CF-MIL-PERS-INSTR.PAGE).

Questions can be directed to the local CAF Transition Centre. The CMP Administrative Response Centre is available at [email protected]  or at 1.833.445.1182.

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