Canadian Army Reserve Unit CO and RSM appointments announced

On June 9, 2022, then acting commander of the Canadian Army, MGen. St. Louis announced Canadian Army Reserve unit appointments for the 2022 annual posting season.

The commanding officer (CO) appointments for APS 2022 are as follows:

5th Canadian Division:

Maj. M.D. Rogers as CO HAL RIF.
LCol. S.D. Lloyd as CO 1st Field Artillery Regiment RCA
Maj. R.D.M. Matthews as CO of PLF
LCol. E.L. Fleck as CO of 36 Service Battalion
Maj. C.A. Beazley as CO of 8th Canadian Hussars.
LCol. L.W. Hatfield as CO of TG 1 and 2 Royal Newfoundland Regiment.

2nd Canadian Division:

Maj. G.M.A. Blais as CO R De Hull.
LCol. S. Capagna as CO of 2 R22ER
LCol. M. Jonasz as CO of RMR
LCol. J.P.P.S St.-Cyr as CO of 12 RBC (M)
LCol. J.A.C. Archamault as CO R DU SAG
LCol. J.H.N. Hilaregu as CO 2 CRPG
Maj. O Briere-Leblac as CO of 4 INT COY.

4th Canadian Division:

Maj. B.W. Griffiths as CO of 4th Royal Canadian Regiment
Maj. M. Lacroix as CO of the Grey and Simcoe Foresters
Maj. N.J.F. Arakgi as CO of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry
LCol. J.J.W. Moore as CO 32 Signals Regiment
Maj. J.P. Im as CO 32 Service Battalion
LCol. G.R. Moore as CO Governor General’s Horse Guard
LCol. M.D. Lennox as CO Queen’s York Rangers
Maj. K.R. Langdon as CO TG 2 Irish RC and ALG R
LCol. J.A. Causey as CO TG 30 FD Regt and 42 FD Regt
LCol. J. Fox as CO 33 Combat Engineer Regiment
LCol. J.A.C. Caron as CO Ontario Regiment
LCol. D.G. Desrochers as CO 38 Combat Engineer Regiment
Maj. G.C. Parent as CO 38 Signals Regiment
Maj. P. Sliwowski as CO Royal Winnipeg Rifles
Capt. P.L. Park as CO Saskatchewan Dragoons
Maj. S.J. Piers as CO 39 Combat Engineer Regiment
Maj. M.A. Foort as CO 39 Service Battalion
LCol. T.K.E. Waaga as CO BCD.

The regimental sergeant major (RSM) appointments for 2022 are as follows:

5th Canadian Division:

CWO K.S. Wade as RSM of TG 1 and 2 R Newfoundland Regiment
MWO G.P. Harris as RSM of 37 Service Battalion

2nd Canadian Division:

CWO J.G.M. Gabanna as RSM of 2 Field Regiment
MWO J.R.M.E. Pepin as RSM 34 Combat Engineer Regiment
CWO D.F. Gosselin as RSM of 34 Signals Regiment
MWO C.W. Stevens as RSM of CGG
MWO J.G.A. Chagnon as RSM of 6 R22ER
CWO K.E. Jalbert as RSM of R De Mais
MWO J.J. Quesnel as RSM of RMR
MWO J.B.D. Chevalier as RSM of 62 FD Regt
CWO H.D. Deshaye as RSM of 35 Signals Regiment.

4 Canadian Division:

MWO S.J. Elliot as RSM of 1 H
MWO R.D. Gonslaves as RSM of 31 Service Battalion
MWO G.T. Seddon as RSM of Ash of C
MWO T.C. John as RSM of 32 Combat Engineer Regiment
MWO K.Kalk as RSM of Governor General’s Horse Guard
CWO A.G. Glicosca as RSM of Lincoln and Welland Regiment
CWO J.S. Shouldice as RSM of the Toronto Scottish Regiment
MWO R.S. Kambo as RSM of 2 Intelligence Company
CWO P.J. Thibault as RSM of TG 30 and 42 FD Regiment
MWO G.A. Umbach as RSM of 33 Signals Regiment
CWO I.D. Port as RSM of Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
CWO S.J. Cunningham as RSM TG PWOR and Brock Rifles
CWO J.N. Pederersen as RSM Of FGH
MWO H.L. Porritt as RSM of 15 FD Regiment
CWO R.F. Garrett as RSM of 39 Service Battalion
MWO B.C. Holland as RSM of BCD
MWO B.R. Fairly as RSM C Scot R
CWO Mazerolle as RSM of 41 Combat Engineer Regiment.

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