CAF Universality of Service Policy Set to See Changes

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Universality of Service Policy is set to see some changes that will modernize the policy and ensure it allows the CAF to achieve its mandate.

According CANFORGEN 021/23 the new policy will be circulated no later than April 1, 2025.

“The Universality of Service Policy remains a key enabler in generating and maintaining a force that is fit to fight. The CAF therefore requires a Universality of Service Policy that preserves its operational capability above all other factors with unwavering respect for the Intent and the Requirements…,” stated the CANFORGEN announcing the changes.

One of the significant changes to the policy is an amendment to the Period of Retention Subject to Employment Limitations Provision.

Period of Change Subject to Employment Limitation

According to the new CANFORGEN, CAF members who are “permanently incapable,” of meeting one or more minimum operational standard will be released in order to “preserve operational capability.”

The CAF understands that being released from the military based on the Universality of Service policy can be difficult on the member and their family. Therefore, efforts are being made to ensure members’ transition to civilian life is smooth.

“The CAF remains committed to achieving the best possible transition success for all members who must be released for breaching Universality of Service,” stated the CANFORGEN.

Next Steps

According to the CANFORGEN, new or previously approved Period of Retention (POR) pursuant cannot extend beyond April 1, 2025.

Those CAF members currently serving an approved POR have to submit a request through their chain of command to dmca@++[email protected], in order to reassess their status.

Anyone who is serving POR and does not want to extend will not be required to. Instead, they can proceed to release under the existing policy.

Questions about the policy changes can be directed to the Administrative Response Centre at CMPARC.CRACPM(AT)FORCES.GC.CA OR (PLUS SIGN) CMP ARC CRA CPM(AT)CMP DGMP(AT)OTTAWA-HULL or by calling 1-833-445-1182.

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