CAF Drug Policy Unchanged for CAF Personnel in BC

Although adults in British Columbia who are in possession of small amounts of drugs will no longer be criminally charged, members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) will not be affected by these changes.

According to CANFORGEN 169/22, the CAF Drug policy remains the same, and CAF members in British Columbia are still subject to it.

“The CAF retains jurisdiction over CAF members. To further clarify, the changes do not affect the CAF members in BC. The CAF policies around addiction and drug use will remain unchanged,” stated the CANFORGEN.

Existing policies remain in place related to civilian personnel employed within the Department of National Defence.

BC Policy Changes

On May 31, 2022, the federal government granted British Columbia a request for an exemption under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

The request aims to reduce stigma and harm related to substance abuse so that people taking drugs can access the health and social services they need.

Effective from Jan. 31, 2023, to Jan. 31, 2026, adults will not be subject to criminal charges for possession of a total of 2.5 grams of certain controlled drugs.

CAF members, however, are not included in this exemption.

“The GC remains committed to working in partnership with provinces, territories, municipalities, indigenous communities, experts and those with lived and living experience with substance use to support access to a comprehensive range of evidence-based services and supports,” stated the CANFORGEN.

The CANFORGEN states that the Chain of Command is required to ensure all members of the CAF are aware of the CANFORGEN.

For more information regarding the Controlled Drugs and Substances Actvisit here.

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