Additional Policy Changes in light of COVID-19

This week, the Canadian Armed Forces announced the cancellation of the Maple Resolve. The Maple Resolve is the largest annual international exercise held in Wainwright, designed to prepare a brigade and its soldiers for deployment. However, due to the threat of spreading COVID-19, the CAF has decided to cancel the exercise. 

Lieutenant General Wayne Eyre shared the news on his Twitter account. “I have decided to cancel EX MAPLE RESOLVE. While this may impact our higher-level warfighting ability short-term, it will protect the force and keep us poised to conduct operations. I am very happy how our Army is responding to COVID-19, and together we stand #StrongProudReady,” he tweeted. 

At this time, OUTCAN and isolated postings have not been put on hold. House Hunting trips (HHT) in Canada or internationally in preparation for upcoming postings are suspended for an initial period of three weeks.

As indicated in the CDS’ letter issued on March 13th, training schools and colleges will be operating at capacity, including the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School, but will restrict new entrants from joining the schools until further notice. To prevent COVID-19 outbreaks in these locations, students will be confined to the base for the duration of training, with directing staff self-isolating while not on the training premises. 

All commercial travel, including air, rail and bus travel within Canada for personal leave is not authorized until further notice. Military personnel are permitted to travel by ground within 250 kilometres of their workplace or primary residence. Any members currently on leave in an area exceeding this distance are permitted to continue their leave.

Regular Force members, and Class B and Class C Reservists who are currently travelling outside of the country on duty or personal leave are instructed to return to Canada, to their primary place of duty, as soon as possible. Class A Reservists are encouraged not to travel outside of Canada for personal reasons.

All business travel for Defence Team civilian employees is suspended. Any staff returning from leave or work travel outside Canada are required to self-isolate for 14 days, as directed by Public Health Officials.

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