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3 Simple Habits to Improve Your Health

If you want to make a few new healthier and simple habits, you’ve come to the right place. They are so simple I highly recommend you start doing them today.

People often think starting a healthier routine takes a lot of money, shopping at Whole Foods or Nature’s Emporium, or getting an expensive green juice everywhere you go.

These three tips will have a massive improvement on your health and well-being.

1) Get Rays of Light

Sun exposure is a MUST, especially in the colder months (you may think that may be difficult in Canada). Studies show that getting sun exposure first thing in the morning improves our overall mood and helps to regulate our circadian rhythms for better sleep, which leads to more energy.

After you wake up, sit directly in the sunlight with your eyes closed and enjoy the moment. Take as long as you need. You may be more energized and motivated to start your day. Getting sun exposure is so essential for our health and well-being. Make sure you track how you start to feel and if you notice any changes. Start with 10 mins and work your way up. Your body will truly thank you.

2) Diverse Your Diet

A diverse diet incorporating new whole foods will expose your microbiome to beneficial bacteria, vitamins, and nutrients that may be lacking from a diet that includes the same foods repeatedly.

All you need to do is switch up the fruits and vegetables you buy at the grocery store. If you tend to go for the green grapes, switch it up and go for the purple. If you love orange carrots, try purple. If you buy the same type of apples each time, try a new kind. It can be that simple. A wide variety in the diet is so beneficial. It’s truly one of the best things you can do for yourself.

3) Let the Air Flow in Your Home

Open your windows. Indoor air has been found to be 2-5x higher in pollutants than outdoor air – insane, right?! Why is this? Well, if you’re using cleaning products, those chemicals linger—the furniture we buy is full of chemicals like flame retardants which off-gas into the air. Air fresheners and candles all have harmful chemicals that also linger in the air and stick to our clothing and furniture.

Opening your windows on a nice day is a great way to bring in the fresh air and help improve the air quality in your home. I personally do this year-round. Even in the winter, I open my windows twice a week for an hour or so to help bring in the fresh air.

Start Today

Start with these three tips and see how you feel after a month. Setting new goals for your health doesn’t need to be complicated. Start small because minor changes make the most significant impact.

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Skylar Nesbitt

Skylar Nesbitt, RHN, is a proud military spouse and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Currently living in Petawawa, ON. She runs her own practice virtually as well as in-person at VC Athletic Therapy in Petawawa where she supports clients through nutrition, lifestyle, and stress management changes to support their individual needs and goals. Skylar became an RHN to help her husband stay healthy for his job in the Military as well as to help other military spouses with their health and well-being so they can feel confident in their roles in this lifestyle. She loves meeting new people and creating a community wherever she goes. She can be reached at [email protected]

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