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Trauma Healing Centers provides care for trauma patients

The first of its kind in Canada, the Trauma Healing Centers opened its doors earlier this year to helping veterans, first responders and civilians suffering from PTSD and trauma through a unique approach.

The Centers are focused on helping the brave men and women, who are often the first line of defence, suffering from PTSD, trauma, chronic pain or chronic illness.

Their secret is their multidisciplinary approach allowing various healthcare professionals, such as a physician, psychologist, massage therapist and dietician, to care for patients under one roof. All while creating an environment of trust for patients when often the biggest challenge is reaching out for help.

Other services for patients include telemedicine services, assessing the need for alternative treatments such as medical marijuana and helping veterans navigate paperwork for Veterans Affairs.

“Veterans are in the news quite often talking about the lack of services, the lack of support, and somehow they fall into the cracks. So it’s usually a bad news story. We’d like to think we are a good news story, and we are actually helping veterans to get access to services,” said Kyle Atkinson president of the Trauma Healing Centers.


Knowing that being a caregiver to someone suffering from trauma, the Centers also offer support to loved ones and family members. Some of these services include providing resources, connecting to support groups, teaching coping methods for stress and anxiety and teaching methods to properly support a suffering loved one.

Initially only seeing patients once a week in the Dartmouth location, the Centre now see patients three times a week and have different locations across the country. To date, the Trauma Healing Centers have assisted 100 veterans and 400 patients in total.

Atkinson says they have received a lot of positive feedback from patients.

“The positive feedback is starting to spread. The response from veterans coming through the door and reaching out to us is amazing and tremendous. This tells me the word of mouth about Trauma Healing Centers is trending in the right direction,” he said.

Currently located in Dartmouth, N.S., Ottawa, Ontario and Moncton, New Brunswick, Atkinson is hoping the centers can expand into cities like Toronto, Winnipeg and St. John, Newfoundland.

The Trauma Healing Centers will invest 30 per cent of their net profits into PTSD research and support services.

To book an appointment or to get more information you can visit the Trauma Healing Centers’ website  or call toll free 1-844-429-6074.

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