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5 Winter Health Tips

Winter’s frigid cold temperatures can cause anything from mild colds to the nightmarish flu while having the heat on full blast can turn your skin into a dessert. The following are some tips to help you get through the winter months unscathed from some of its not-so-fun side effects.

Vicks is a staple item found on the bedside of any sick child or adult. Though commonly used on the chest for decongestion, when applied on the feet it can do miracles to get rid of a cough. Many parents claim that rubbing Vicks on their children’s feet along with their chest helps to get rid of nagging coughs that have lasted for weeks.

Hot Masks for Headaches
No one likes to get stuck with a throbbing headache and sometimes over the counter painkillers can’t do the trick. For one of these stubborn headaches try a hot or cold eye mask. These days companies offer a wide selection of gel-filled, two-in-one eye masks. Or you can just go old school with a damp towel, using hot water for a regular headache and cold towel for a migraine.

Dry Skin
Blasting heat indoors and cold air outdoors can be a disastrous combo for skin and lotions don’t always seem to be the cure. However, oils like coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil, if you aren’t allergic to nuts, can have wondrous hydrating properties. Try applying coconut or almond oil overnight to help bring moisture back to your skin.

Prevent Colds
The old adage “an ounce of cure is better than a pound of prevention” rings true in the winter time. Simple steps like keeping your hands clean, reducing stress, working out and even being outdoors are all well-known ways to prevent the cold. But drinking tea, including more protein in your diet can boost your immune system and help you skip getting sick altogether.

Get active indoors
Join a team or a register for a physical activity program. There are lots of indoor activities to participate in over our long winter like: yoga, dancing, curling, soccer, swimming are just a few ideas. The key is to make sure the activity is fun and social.

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