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2022 #SightSeeingSunday

Welcome to our #SightSeeingSunday page. Every week we share a photo from around the world! So check back often to see our #SightSeeingSunday photo! Where we are travelling from the comfort of our home.

Have a sensational Sunday!

Bavaria, Germany

A twilight view of a brightly illuminated St. Sebastian Pilgrimage Church is at the heart of our #SightSeeingSunday photo this week. The St. Sebastian Pilgrimage Church is located in Ramsau, National Park Berchtesgadener, in Bavaria, Germany.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Copenhagen, Denmark

This brightly illuminated Christmas fare in Copenhagen, Denmark, is our image this week for #SightSeeingSunday. Held in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens, the Christmas Market features many stalls to create a Nordic Christmas atmosphere, with 70,000 Christmas lights lighting up the garden.

Have a happy Sunday!

Dresden, Germany

Beautiful lights brighten a Christmas market in Germany in our #SightSeeingSunday picture this week. Christmas markets are a beloved German tradition that dates back hundreds of years. In fact, one of the oldest Christmas markets in the world can be found in Dresden, Germany.

Have a happy Sunday!

Paris, France

Paris comes to life with Christmas decor in our #SightSeeingSunday photo of the week. The City of Lights is magnified during the holiday season with thousands of Christmas lights across the city, festive window decor and Christmas markets, making it a must-see sight during the holidays.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Banff National Park, Canada

Where else could a stunning winter scene be captured but in Banff National Park in Alberta? Our #SightSeeingSunday picture this week captures the dramatic contrast of the train and the snowy mountains at Morant’s Curve.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Snow powders the streets of Amsterdam, Netherlands, near the Oudezijds Kolk, the city’s famous canal, in our #SundaySightSeeing photo this week. Captured in the background is the Oude Kerk, literally meaning “the old church,” Amsterdam’s oldest building, established in 1213.

Have a restful Sunday!

Kuressaare, Estonia

This cobblestone street in Kuressaare, Estonia, leading to the Bishop’s castle, is our #SightSeeingSunday picture this week. Kuressaare is located on Saaremaa Island, the largest island in Estonia and situated in the Baltic Sea.

Have a restful Sunday!

Ottawa, Canada

Honouring the heroes of Canada’s past, the Canadian National War Memorial is illuminated under the Ottawa night sky in our #SightSeeingSunday picture this week. Titled “The Response,” the monument was dedicated by King George VI in 1939. In 2000 the Tomb of the Unknown Solider was added to the front.

We Shall Remember Them.

Transylvania, Romania

Commonly known as the home of Dracula, the Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania, sits aglow at night in our #SightSeeingSunday picture of the week. Although there is no evidence that this castle inspired Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula, Transylvanians nonetheless have claimed it as such and marked it as a national monument and landmark.

Happy Halloween Eve!

Riga, Latvia

What may seem like a miniature figurine town is actually the breathtaking skyline of the city of Riga, Latvia, in our #SightSeeingSunday picture of the week. Riga, the capital of Latvia and the largest city, was founded in 1201. Its historical centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Have a great Sunday!

Hallstatt, Austria

Hailed as a UNESCO world heritage site, the picturesque and quaint village of Hallstatt, Austria, at dawn is at the centre of our #SightSeeingSunday picture of the week. This beautiful village is also said to be the inspiration for Arendelle in the Disney hit film Frozen. Surrounding the village is Lake Hallstatt and the High Alps.

Have a peaceful Sunday!

Fujiyoshida, Japan

This week’s #SightSeeingSunday photo highlights the magisterial Mt. Fuji in Fujiyoshida, Japan. The bright red trees lining the pathway with autumn red hues.

Have a lovely Sunday!

New Brunswick, Canada

The rolling hills and autumn trees are displayed in the countryside of New Brunswick, Canada, in our #SightSeeingSunday picture of the week.

Have a great Sunday!

Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

The Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine, proudly showcase their stunning fall colours in our #SightSeeingSunday picture of the week. At the foothills of the mountain, pictured here, is the village of Tudiv.

Have an adventurous Sunday!

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Autumn leaves dust the roadway in the Swiss village of Lauterbrunnen in our #SightSeeingSunday picture of the week. This small town is nestled between the majestic Swiss Alps and the Staubbbach waterfalls.

Have an adventurous Sunday!

New York City, United States

As we mark September 11, we thought it is fitting to feature the city that never sleeps – New York City in our #SightSeeingSunday photo. Shot at sunset, showing off Manhattan’s glittery lights in the evening, is the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. The cantilever bridge runs over the East River connecting the neighborhood of Long Island City in the borough of Queens with the Upper East Side in Manhattan, passing over Roosevelt Island. Did you know that New York City is home to 789 bridges?

Have a blessed Sunday!

Cobh, Ireland

Colorful row houses poignantly frame the St. Colman’s cathedral in our #SightSeeingSunday photo of the week. The cathedral is a towering attraction in the port town of Cobh in County Cork, Ireland, whose claim to fame is that it was the last port of call for the Titanic in 1912.

Have an adventurous Sunday.

Skogar, Iceland

The unforgettable Icelandic countryside village of Skogar welcomes a new day in our #SightSeeingSunday photo of the week. This beautiful summer sunrise eloquently frames the unique and typical turf-top houses in Iceland, a must-see for many tourists visiting this European country.

Have a blessed Sunday!

This week’s #SightSeeingSunday photo showcases the epicentre of ancient culture: Athens, Greece. Pictured here is the famous Acropolis, the lighted Parthenon and the Odeon Of Herodes Atticus, Herodeion. All of this amazing sights are illuminated by the sunrise from Filopappou Hill.

Have a lovely Sunday!


Stockholm, Sweden

Our #SightSeeingSunday photo is almost too beautiful to be real. The image depicts the idyllic cityscape of Stockholm, Sweden. Did you know Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is stretched across 14 islands and consists of more than 50 bridges?

Have a fantastic Sunday!


Amboseli National Park,  Kenya

This epic and quintessential image of an African safari is featured in our #SightSeeingSunday photo of the week. The picture was shot in the Amboseli National Park in Kenya and is surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro. Have a peaceful Sunday!

Moraine Lake, Alberta

The breathtaking Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada at the centre of our #SightSeeingSunday photo on this long weekend. Moraine Lake is situated at the foothills of the majestic Canadian Rockies.

Have a magical Sunday!

Havana, Cuba

Havana’s quaint and narrow streets are at the centre of our #SightSeeingSunday photo this week. Peaking out from above the restaurants and shops is El Capitolio, the National Capital Building of Havana, Cuba.

Have a great Sunday!

Isle of Skye, Scotland

The sun sets on the stunning Neist Point Lighthouse in our #SightSeeingSunday photo of the week. The Neist Point Lighthouse is located in the Isle of Skye in Scotland and was first lit more than one hundred years ago.

Have a great Sunday!

Petra, Jordan

Two camels rest in front of the ancient Al-Khazneh in our #SightSeeingSunday photo of the week. The Al-Khazneh, or “The Treasury,” is located in Petra, Jordan and is believed to have been built in the 1st century AD. The site has been featured in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Mortal Combat: Annihilation, The Mummy, to mention a few.

Have a great Sunday!

Valensole, France

The world-renowned lavender fields of Provence are featured in this week’s #SightSeeingSunday image. This magical image is the typical landscape of a summer day in Valensole, France.

Have a great Sunday!

Sevilla, Spain

Reflecting its striking self in the water at dusk is the Espana Plaza in Sevilla, Spain and our #SightSeeingSunday photo this week. The Espana Plaza is a unique blend of Baroque, Renaissance and Moorish architecture.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Ottawa, Canada

This week’s stunning #SightSeeingSunday image is of none other than our beautiful capital city of Ottawa, Ontario. At the heart of this image is the Canadian Parliament and Rideau Canal shot right at sunset. It just goes to show, sometimes the magic is closer than you think!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Cahors, France

This week’s #SightSeeingSunday picture showcases Pont Valentre across the Lot River in Cahors, France. Located in the south western region of France, Pont Valentre is a 14th-century bridge built out of necessity during the French-English Hundred Years’ War.

Have a fantastic Sunday!

London, England

Our #SightSeeingSunday photo this week shows the illustrious London Tower Bridge lifting at sunset. Built-in the late 1800s, this bridge is one of the most predominant pieces of architecture in the city of London, England.

Have a lovely Sunday!

The Netherlands

This stunning image features colourful tulips, complete with windmills is our #SightSeeingSunday photo this week. Tulip season in the Netherlands is a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list item. Have a great Sunday!

Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia

Our #SightSeeingSunday photo this week spotlights sunset on the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia. The Uyuni Salt Flats are the largest salt flats in the world and are remnants of a prehistoric lake.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Toledo, Spain

This rich and stunning image of sunrise in Toledo, Spain is our #SightSeeingSunday photo of the week. This unique city, set upon a hill above the plains of Castilla-La Mancha, features monuments built from Arab, Jewish and Christian rulers.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Liverpool, England

The luminous Liverpool skyline at dusk is featured in our #SightSeeingSunday photo this week. The image is taken of the Royal Albert Dock with the city of Liverpool, England as the backdrop.

Have a great Sunday!

Zurich, Switzerland

This week’s #SightSeeingSunday photo is of the quaint, winding, and pre-medieval city scapes of Zurich, Switzerland. Illuminated by burning lanterns, Zurich was founded by the Romans and is now a global centre for banking.

Have a sensational Sunday!

Athens, Greece

A row of traditional houses covered with beautiful ivies in the Plaka neighbourhood of Athens, Greece is depicted in our #SightSeeingSunday photo this week. The Plaka is known to be the oldest section of Athens.

Have a peaceful Sunday!

Paris, France

How beautiful is springtime in Paris?

Caught between two trees is an image of perhaps the most famous landmark in all of Europe is this week’s #SightSeeingSunday image. For many people around the world, the Eiffel Tower is synonymous with the very city it resides, Paris, France.

Have a great Sunday!

Glasgow, Scotland

This week’s #SightSeeingSunday photo features the Cathedral Precinct in Glasgow, Scotland on a summer’s evening. The Glasgow Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in mainland Scotland and the oldest building in Glasgow.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Bonn, Germany

This fairytale-like image depicts the old town of Bonn, Germany in the springtime in our #SightSeeingSunday photo of the week. Every March and April cherry blossoms come to life in Bonn, a city located on the banks of the Rhine and the birthplace to Beethoven.

Have a great Sunday!

Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture Japan

A picturesque spring day at the Alps Azumino National Government park in Japan is featured in our #SightSeeingSunday photo this week. The Alps Azumino National Government park is located in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture.

Have a lovely Sunday!



Lofoten Islands, Norway

This week our #SightSeeingSunday photo depicts a winter’s night of homes beautifully lit in the Hamnoy Village located in the Lofoten Islands, Norway.

Have a safe Sunday!

Village of Maria Alm am Steinernen Meer

This week’s #SightSeeingSunday photo features the idyllic village of Maria Alm am Steinernen Meer. This beautiful village is a municipality in the district of Zell am See in the state of Salzburg, Austria.

Have a fantastic Sunday!

Small Ukrainian Village & Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains

This week’s #SightSeeingSunday photo features a small scenic village in Ukraine with the stunning Ukrainian Carpathians in the background. 🇺🇦

The Carpathian Mountains are the third-longest European mountain range in Europe. The range forms an arc across Central and Eastern Europe and is roughly 1,500 km long. It runs through eight countries: Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, and Serbia.

La Petite Venise, “Little Venice” Quarter in Colmar, Alsace, France

This week we are showcasing La Petite Venise, “Little Venice” Quarter in Colmar, Alsace, France. While it doesn’t resemble Venice in the slightest, it is lovely in its own right. A piece of Italy in France. Petite Venice can be explored by foot or rowboat.


Small & Quaint Village of Santa Maddalena

This week’s #SightSeeingSunday post features the small and quaint village of Santa Maddalena located in the stunning Dolomites of Italy.


Salzburg, Austria

This week’s #SightSeeingSunday photo features Salzburg, Austria. This fantastic photo shows the Hohensalzburg Fortress during a bright winter sunrise. Who has visited this beautiful city? What was your favourite feature place to visit? Have a sensational Sunday, everyone!


Italian Alps in South Tyrol

This week’s #SightSeeingSunday is taking a drive along a curved road in the Italian Alps in South Tyrol, on sunny winter day with shadows and lot of snow.


Hallstat Village, Austria

The beautiful village of Hallstat in Austria is this week’s #SightSeeingSunday.

Lauterbrunnen village at night, Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

For this week’s #SightseeingSunday Photo we are featuring Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.


Bled Castle, Slovenia

Bled, Slovenia on a beautiful winter morning is this week’s  #SightseeingSunday Photo! The image catches the sunrise over the church on the island and the castle in the background.

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