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Welcome to our #SightSeeingSunday page. Every week we share a photo from around the world! So check back often to see our #SightSeeingSunday photos! Where we are travelling from the comfort of our home.

Oslo, Norway

The intricate Vigeland Sculpture Park majestically sits under the setting sun in our #SightSeeingSunday image of the week. Located in Oslo, Norway, Vigeland Sculpture Park is home to over 200 sculptures in granite, bronze, and wrought iron created by Gustav Vigeland. Installed over a decade between 1940 and 1949, the statues in the park feature the cycles of human life and all its emotions. Free to enter and open all year round, the park is one of Norway’s top tourist attractions, with more than one million annual visitors.

Have a creative Sunday!

County Kerry, Ireland

Forged by ancient glacial waters, the Gap of Dunloe offers awe-inspiring views in our #SightSeeingSunday image of the week. Located in County Kerry, Ireland, the Gap of Dunloe was formed between the MacGillycuddy Reeks and Purple Mountain. Visitors to the scenic Gap can hire a horse-drawn wagon to take in the sights.

Have a restful Sunday!

Venice, Italy

The centuries-old Santa Maria della Salute church hauntingly shines under the moonlit sky in our #SightSeeingSunday image of the week. Located in Venice, Italy, the Santa Maria della Salute is located at the entrance to the Grand Canal. Its beauty is intertwined with the history of a plague that killed thousands of Venetians in the 17th century.

Have a thoughtful Sunday!

Albarracin, Spain

The centuries-old town of Albarracin, located in the Teruel province of Spain, dances under the evening sky in our #SightSeeingSunday image of the week. Declare a National Monument in 1961, Albarracin, located in the east-central Spain, can trace its roots to the 12th century. The village also sits nestled amongst the Sierra de Albarracin mountain range.

Have an adventurous Sunday!

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Spring is here in this week’s #SightSeeingSunday photo. With snowcapped mountains in the background, cherry and plum blossoms line a street in Vancouver, BC.

In Canada’s West Coast city, 40,000 cherry trees burst with pink and white blooms each spring. The cherry blossoms are so stunning that the city hosts a festival dedicated to them—the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival.

Wishing you a spring-filled Sunday!

Easter Island, Chile

In celebration of Easter, this week’s #SightSeeingSunday photo features moai at sunrise on Easter Island, Chile. Known as one of the world’s most remote inhabited islands, Easter Island is a special territory in Chile. It is most famous for its nearly 1,000 extant monumental statues called moai, created by the early Rapa Nui people centuries ago. Moai are located all over the small island. The first recorded European visitor, Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, named the island on Easter Sunday, April 5, 1722, when he discovered it. The island’s official Spanish name is Isla de Pascua, which translates to Easter Island.

Happy Easter Sunday! 

Cork, Ireland

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, this week’s #SightSeeingSunday image comes from Ireland and features the historic Blackrock Castle at sunset. Having been graced with countless sundowns, the castle’s construction began in 1582 when the fortification wall was built. Located on the banks of the River Lee, just outside of Cork, the castle’s original purpose was to defend the country’s coast from pirates and invaders. Today, the castle is known as the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) Blackrock Castle Observatory and is home to an observatory, museum, wedding venue and a restaurant, Castle Café.

Wishing you lots of luck this Sunday!

Seiffen, Germany

This week’s #SightSeeingSunday image features Seiffen, Germany. Nestled in the heart of the Ore Mountains and located in the district of Erzgebirgskreis, the town dates back to 1324 when it was referred to as Cynsifen. Seiffen is known for its wooden toys and Christmas.

Have a happy Sunday!

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

With March break and Spring break taking place across the country, this month, this week’s #SightSeeingSunday features Whitehaven Beach, Australia. Located on Whitsunday Island in Queensland, the beach is known for its crystal white silica sand and turquoise-coloured waters. Unlike regular sand, the sand at Whitehaven Beach does not retain heat, making it comfortable to walk barefoot on a hot day.

Wishing you a wonderful break!

Kyiv, Ukraine

As this week marks the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, our #SightSeeingSunday image features Ukraine’s Independence Monument. Located in Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Independence Square in Kyiv, the monument commemorates Ukraine’s independence, in 1991. Built in 2001, marking the country’s 10th anniversary of independence, the monument stands over 60 metres tall. It replaced a monument of Vladimir Lenin, a Russian revolutionary, politician and political theorist.

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday.

Hamnøy, Norway

The week’s #SightSeeingSunday features the small fishing village of Hamnøy. Located on Moskenes Island and surrounded by the stunning mountains in Reinefjorden, the fishing village is considered one of the most beautiful places in Lofoten, an archipelago, a chain of islands in Norway. The village is known for not only its photogenic qualities but also its outdoor activities: fishing and seeing the northern lights or midnight sun are a few of the activities you can do in Hamnøy.

Have a peaceful Sunday.

Jasper Park | Canada

Maligne Lake in Jasper Park perfectly mirrors the Northern Lights shining over the Rocky Mountains in this week’s stunning #SightSeeingSunday image. Nestled by the snow-capped mountains, Maligne Lake is the largest natural lake in the Rockies, stretching 22 km long. With hiking and cross-country skiing trails abound,  the lake is a popular retreat at all times of the year.

Wishing you a warm Sunday.

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