Gender Information removed from DND Identification Cards

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members will no longer have to include their sex on National Defence Identification Cards. According to a new mandate from the CAF, new initial issuances of identification cards, or renewals, will be issued without sex or gender information.

This new regulation also applies to civilian members of the Department of National Defence.

“The removal of sex or gender information from the NDI cards is in support of the DND S/ CAF S commitment to promote an institution-wide culture that embraces diversity and inclusion,” stated a CANFORGEN sent out to all military and civilian employees.

DND employees or CAF members can request a renewal before the expiry if they do not wish their sex data to appear on the card. Members can do this by contacting their local identification section.

However, as part of the National Defence Identification Program, identification operators will still continue to collect data for the sex of applicants. According to CANFORGEN, this is for the purpose of identity management only.

Anyone who has questions regarding this matter can contact the National Defence Identification Services via the Intranet positional mailbox at +NDIS Admin-ADMIN SIDN@vcdsdgds@ottawa-hull.

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