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Meal planning apps that make grocery shopping a breeze

Do you find yourself wondering what to make for dinner more often than you would like? In the busy, fast-paced most of us find ourselves in, it’s not easy to always plan ahead and make healthy and delicious meals for our families. Luckily, there are so many apps available now to help anyone and everyone plan out weekly meals and cook healthy dinners from scratch. Here are some of our favourite meal-planning apps that can make your evenings just a little less hectic. 

Yummly- Free iOS and Android


A must-have app for any cooking enthusiast, Yummly is a renowned recipe and meal-planning app. Featured on the Today Show, Yummly features over one million recipes that can fit any lifestyle and nutritional need, whether you’re vegetarian or have food allergies. You can also transform an entire recipe into a grocery list, which is then categorized by aisle. With Yummly, you can also collect and save recipes and receive recipe recommendations.  



Mealime- Free iOS and Android 


Designed particularly for busy singles, couples or families, Mealime is a meal-planning app with a healthy twist. The app claims to help users live healthier lives, reduce stress, lose weight, save money, and improve their overall well-being. Cook healthy meals in 30 minutes through step-by-step instructions. Create a personalized meal plan every week that caters to any of your nutritional needs: fish-free, dairy-free or gluten-free. The app also features a built-in grocery list that automatically adds items with new meal plans. 




Foodprint Diet by Nutrino- Free iOS and Android 


Foodprint is a meal-planning app created specifically for healthy living and weight loss. The app helps users reach their fitness and health goals. Start out by creating a personal health profile that includes your goals and leave the rest up to Foodprint. The app is also valuable for those with diabetes, as it can inform users about how each meal affects their body and glucose levels. You can also choose to connect your glucose monitoring device. It also comes with a food planner, food log, and daily health tips. 


Pepperplate- Free iOS and Android 


Pepperplate is a simple and easy app to help novice and expert cooks alike plan weekly and monthly meals and create grocery lists. The app also comes with multiple cooking timers, making it easy to prepare all sorts of meals for your family. And the best part? Any recipes you save can be accessed at any time, anywhere without the internet. All recipes and grocery lists can also easily be shared via email, Twitter, or Facebook. 


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