Making it easier to support businesses owned by veterans and military families.

Entrepreneurship can be a great fit with the skills and lifestyles of the military family. For military spouses, having transportable work can be a great way to overcome the career challenges that come with frequent postings. After leaving the military, many veterans discover a new mission in entrepreneurship and find that they have many transferable skills from their military training. All over the country, veterans and military family members have started new businesses in almost every industry sector. Wouldn’t it feel great to support them by purchasing their products or services? But how can you find them?

Wonder no more. Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur, a program that helps transitioning military members become entrepreneurs, has recently launched the Canadian Veteran Business Directory.

The Directory allows people to search for and find businesses run by veteran and military family entrepreneurs. Searchable by province and by industry sector, it makes finding and connecting with a veteran business owner easy and quick, whether they are down the street or on another side of the country. Simply visit  Canadian Veteran Business Directory.

The Directory performs another important function—helping military entrepreneurs connect and create a strong community to grow their professional and personal networks. Feedback from POE program participants shows that networking with and mutual support from other military entrepreneurs is a key factor for long-term success.

And for those trying to decide if entrepreneurship is right for them, or those looking for feedback on their business idea, the Directory can also be a valuable early research tool. Someone in the Directory could already be running a similar business and reaching out to ask for advice in the early stages can save time, money and heartache.

The Canadian Veteran Business Directory is open to all businesses owned by present and former members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families – including veterans, reservists, serving members, spouses, and partner
• Click on the “Veteran Login” button in the top right-hand corner of the POE website
• Follow the instructions to sign up
• Write a short description of your business and provide a logo or image.

Whether you have your own business to list or not, you can help by sharing/posting about veteran businesses and endorse them on your social media accounts. Plus encourage family and friends to visit the Directory to find businesses that interest them in their own communities or online.
The Directory has only recently launched and already well over 120 businesses are listed organized in 15 industry sectors. “We have so many success stories of veterans and military families who are thriving and contributing to the community,” said Kathleen Kilgour, Program Associate, POE. “This directory provides an opportunity for Canadians to see this success and support our veterans and military families in a way that hasn’t been possible before.”

Since its launch over five years ago, POE has become the nation’s go-to place for entrepreneurship training and support resources for past and present members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families.
POE has tried to make it easy to support each other. The next time you need a new product or service, check the Directory first to see if a veteran or military family member can provide it. Whether you’re in the market for a new house, a bike trip in Cuba, a dress shirt, a birth photographer, a personal trainer or a home inspector, consult the Canadian Veteran Business Directory first.

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