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When Fido needs a Pedicure

In our March Madness 2015 issue, we featured an article on the importance of clipping the family dog’s nails.

In the article, Dr. Leslie Woodcock explained, “Nature designed dog’s feet to make contact with the ground on the pads. When the toenails are long, it effects proper contact and posture and sends inaccurate information through the body to the brain about the body’s position in relation to the ground.”

When a dog’s nails are too long the inaccurate body-position information being received by the dog’s brain, can have a short-term effect on physical performance. However, over time, the dog’s bad posture and poor body position may lead to chronic irrevocable painful conditions like arthritis.

As promised here is the video of Dr. Woodcock, who owns Woodcock Veterinary Services Clinic. In the video, she explains the importance of clipping your family canine’s nails and the how to clip them properly.


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