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2 CMBG Ironman Competition

On September 10 and 11, over 500 military members at Garrison Petawawa competed in this years Ironman Competition. The purpose of the Ironman competition is to encourage individual members and the units within 2 CMBG to challenge themselves in a demanding endurance race in order to promote a culture of physical robustness and mental resilience within the military community. “This gruelling race provides inspiration for the troops, setting a high standard for leadership, physical fitness, and mental toughness,” said 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Commander, Colonel Peter Dawe. “You can’t do what we do in an operation of theatre, whether domestically or abroad, without being physically and mentally tough.”

The 2 CMBG Ironman Competition is in its thirty-first year. While not traditionally a fundraising event, over the past several years, organizers have partnered with charities. This year the Ironman contenders are seeking support for the Boys and Girls Club of Pembroke. For more than 100 years, Boys and Girls Clubs in communities across Canada have been helping young people to discover, develop and achieve their best potential as they grow to become Canada’s future adults, citizens and leaders, by engaging them in activities that challenge and help them develop healthy minds and bodies.
“With the support of 2CMBG we are hoping to raise $40,000. With the money raised we will expand our services in Renfrew County. If our fundraising goals are met we will start by branching out to Deep River with a once a week Recreation Night for children between the ages of six and 12,” said Patty Warren-McDonald, Executive Director of Boys and Girls Club, Pembroke. Other programs such as an after-school club are being developed by staff, who are hoping to implement them by the end of October using funds raised by the race. “In the past I have personally witnessed the 2 CMBG Ironman race. It’s a physically and mentally demanding competition. The military members that compete must be in excellent all-round condition. The Boys and Girls Club is extremely proud to have been chosen to be this year’s recipient of the fundraising initiative. We are looking forward to meeting all the participating soldiers during the two-day event and thanking them personally for all their hard work and dedication. Without the support from our community we would not be able to provide the quality programming that all Renfrew County children and youth deserve.”
To complete the 50 kilometre endurance race a military member must wear an approved field uniform and combat boots, while carrying a 40 lb army issue rucksack. The race is broken into a 32 kilometre rucksack march, a four kilometre canoe portage with rucksack on their back, an eight kilometre paddle on the Ottawa River, and a six kilometre sprint, with rucksack to the finish line. Both races will begin at 0400 on their specified day, rain or shine. All participants go through a rigorous inspection of themselves and their rucksack prior to the race commencing.

You can sponsor a soldier and support the Boys and Girls Club of Pembroke by visiting:

For more information about Boys and Girls Clubs of Pembroke please visit:

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