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Romeo Dallaire on the road promoting latest book: Waiting for First Light

To promote his third and most recent book:  “Waiting for First Light: My Ongoing Battle with PTSD,” retired lieutenant-general, former senator, author and humanitarian, Romeo Dallaire will be visiting several cities across Canada for a book tour.

Published earlier this year, the book is an unembellished, emotional, introspective look at what it’s like for an individual living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Differing from other books written by Dallaire, his new book gives readers a glimpse of the ups and downs and the day-to-day life when tackling PTSD.

Witnessing the horrific atrocities of the Rwandan genocide of the early 1990s, while serving as a lieutenant general representing the United Nations, haunted Dallaire leaving a significant mark on his life and causing him to walk away with a mental injury, something he’s been battling for more than 20 years.

“The aim of the book is to inform those who are injured with Operational Stress Injuries, to inform those that are around those that are injured, helping them or just living by them, and to bring to life to the general public what it really means in the inner person to have this injury,” said LGen. (ret’d) Dallaire.

His battle with PTSD had led him to the edge of darkness as he came close to suicide on multiple occasions, especially after his dismissal from Canadian Armed Forces in April 2000.

However, Dallaire has risen from the depths and returned as an inspiration for those around him, working in the government and simultaneously involving himself in humanitarian work. Instead of chronicling his life in a biography, Dallaire decided to share his experiences battling PTSD with the everyday Canadian.

To reach Canadians across the country, Dallaire is now headed out to promote his book across the country. Stops on this tour include:

Nov. 20: Winnipeg, MB (McNally Robinson, Grant Park)

Nov 21: Calgary, AB (Calgary Public Library)

Nov. 30: Ottawa, ON (Ottawa International Writers Festival)

Dec. 3: Montreal, QC (Eleanor London Cote Saint-Luc Public Library)

Check out our holiday issue to find LGen. (ret’d) Romeo Dallaire featured as our Guest Avid Reader.


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